Milestones during 60 years of Mini's development

Appearing in 1959, the British car company gradually reaps many successes and conquers consumers around the globe.

In late August, Mini celebrated its 60th anniversary (1959-2019). At the time of launch, Mini became a phenomenon that attracted attention when having a compact design against the trend at the time, saving fuel but still ensuring high performance, and meeting the needs of customers.

Mini Classic on the production line

The success of Mini began in 1961 when the company teamed up with British driver John Cooper. The Classic Mini Cooper 997 stood with him for three consecutive times to stand on the glory of the prestigious Monte Carlo race from 1964 to 1967.

Mini's core values are expressed through three main factors. The first is widespread. Mini is the vehicle for everyone from family to young people. The company's models are pursuing both stylish and practical design.

Second, Mini models always emphasize space. At the time of its birth, the car's chief engineer pushed the wheels to the corners and rotated the engine horizontally to provide more room for the passengers, while not reducing the engine's performance. The third factor is the heritage. From Classic Cooper Cooper 997 in 1961, Mini has always built a range of powerful pickup and racing car configurations to conquer prestigious awards.

Mini at the Monte Carlo race

In 1969, 2 million cars were sold around the world. By 1977, its sales reached 4 million units. With its successes, in 1999 Mini was honored by more than 130 European automotive journalists as "European Car of the Century".

Also in 1999, Mini introduced the new generation Classic Mini for the first time at the Paris Auto Show with a modern design. The company was constantly improving, in 2002, the All4 four-wheel-drive system was introduced. The cars were also introduced with more configurations to meet the needs of customers such as Mini 5 Door, Mini Clubman, Mini Countryman and Mini Convertible, especially the high-performance Mini John Cooper Works series.

In 2000, the BMW Group acquired the Mini brand. This event positively affects the image of this brand in the European market and the world in general.

Mini Hatch in the top 100 best cars of 2016 according to Auto Express.

Since 2016, Mini has received great awards from Auto Express magazine. Specifically, the Hatch model is the best compact car for three consecutive years. The new Mini Convertible was introduced as the best convertible car in 2016 and 2018. Mini Clubman also won the Heritage Car of the Year award in 2018.


"Mini is still asserting its position in the world car village. In the future, the car brand promises to conquer more awards," the brand representative said.

By: Grace White

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