Top 6 trends forming car future

Car experts summarized six car trends appeared recently could decide the near future of the whole car world.

1. High-tech car

car trends, car future

Right in January 2016, two technology and car exhibitions brought unusual faces: consumer electronics show (CES) 2016 opened a few days ago in Las Vegas and Detroit car shows 2016 taking place in Michigan. They are considered two largest events in the technology and vehicle industry. But we can rarely see the mutual influence previously.

Yet this time is different, CES 2016 had many high-tech car models such as Chevy Bolt, Volkswagen Budd-e Concept and Ford performing new LIDAR sensor, which can help self-driving cars avoid colliding with animals like dogs in the street. And in Detroit, the new Honda Ridgeline has really showed that car and technology are becoming a difficult-to-separate pair.

2. The audacity of start-up companies

car trends, car future

One of the favorite trends appeared recently in car exhibitions is the presence of very courageous start-up companies with ambitious goals. For example, China's newbie Techrules has just launched TREV supercar in Geneva, with tremendous power of 1,030 horsepower (equipped with 6 motors) up to 1,200 miles (1931.213 km).

Meanwhile NanoFlowcell also created no less impression when released Quantino, which is capable of running at a speed of 124 mph (199.55 km / h) with salt fuel. As E-Tense Concept of DS is also likely to achieve mileage of 200 miles (321.8688 km). These case demonstrates the participation of bold debuted company in car playground.

3. Explosion of supercars' supercars

car trends, car future

Supercar still occupies a small space in the world, and now tends to active vibrantly in car show season. Only in the last Geneva Motor Show, we've seen the emergence of a range of supercars from manufacturers such as Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Centenario, Porsche 911 R, Aston Martin DB11, Koenigsegg Regera and many other models. In it, each model represented "mad" pinnacle features of its own style.

Besides Geneva, cars like Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 and Ferrai 488 also appeared in public for the first time, showing that although the car industry is under pressure to ensure sustainable ecological environment, the passion for pace is still a lot.

4. Electric cars take on car world

car trends, car future

Not long ago, electric cars were considered lumbering machines with ugly battery. But it's different now. Tesla Model S is the first flag to replace the field of electric vehicle. Electric cars appeared in Frankfurt, Geneva and CES pushed further the evolution of the this car line.

Performance that current electric cars achieve is not debatable. With cars like Porsche Mission E, Acura NSX and Thunder Power, the power output of several hundred horsepower is too simple. Elon Musk - Tesla boss has also recently launched a new Model 3 storming worldwide with more than 300,000 orders just in the first week.

5. Concept version does not need to be fast

car trends, car future

Previously when thinking about the concept version of a car, the first thing that people often imagine is it must be designed with super capacity, like a jet. Well, that's really good, but concept versions that we have seen recently are completely different.

For example, Mercedes-Benz Concept IAA has created a shift from speed attention to digital and design changes to create a more efficient operation. Fractal Concept of Peugeot also follows this trend when designing fascinating interior with panels printed by 3D technology, tires equipped super noise reduction technology.

6. Self-driving car

car trends, car future

Self-driving cars are approaching so fast that people can think that self-drive cars are popular today. Indeed, completely self-driving cars still have a long way ahead, but half self-driving cars are everywhere on streets today.

Self-driving was appreciated by LA Auto Show 2015, when Volvo launched the Concept 26 with modes like Drive, Create and Relax allowing vehicle control based on connection from remote workstations. Not only in the car production world, self-driving technology also spreads to all tech companies like Apple, IBM and Google.


By: Tom Rey

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