Beauty items celebs pack for their trip

Big stars are people who often have to move from one land to another, so they must have their own "magic wands".



Not many people know that "Mother of Dragons" Emilia Clarke is a huge fan of Asian cosmetics. In the midst of the dense schedule to promote the end of "Game of Thrones", Emilia Clarke retains smooth skin thanks to her daily skincare routine. No matter where she goes, Emilia always brings beauty products from Shiseido's full set of cosmetics, including facial cleanser, lotion and eye cream. She always removes makeup before going to bed and performs all skincare steps twice a day.



Cate Blanchett once said, if she could only bring one thing with her when traveling, she would bring SK-II's multifunctional Facial Treatment Essence (FTE). SK-II FTE is not only a good moisturizing product, exclusive Pitera Essence also helps brighten and smoothen the skin. Cate not only uses FTE to take care of the skin before applying makeup, she also puts FTE in a small spray bottle to carry with her. In long-distance flights, Facial Treatment Mask paper mask is also fully utilized by Cate herself.



Like many other stars, Karlie Kloss doesn't always have time to remove makeup before stepping on the plane. So instead of using cotton and liquid makeup remover, she always carries a convenient makeup remover wipe. This is also a beauty item that top makeup expert Lisa Eldridge and young supermodel Gigi Hadid are extremely familiar with. After removing makeup, Karlie uses Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mask and Advanced Night Repair Serum. Finally, Karlie tries to take a nap to relax. She also brings This Works' Deep Sleep Pillow Spray with special lavender aroma for a better sleep.



An indispensable beauty item in every trip of Cara Delevingne is Dior's Capture Youth serum. According to the young model, Capture Youth is made for girls of her age. When you start thinking about long-term skin care, this line of products is perfect thanks to its ability to prevent signs of aging. In it, Glow Booster is Cara' favorite. With murunga plum extract, which contains 100 times more Vitamin C than oranges, Dior's Glow Booster has an effective skin lightening effect. In addition, iris essence is rich in antioxidants that energize the skin to combat the bad effects of the environment.



As an emerging young star, Emily Ratajkowski appears with a dense frequency in television shows as well as major magazines around the world. During long-distance flights, instead of using paper masks like other stars, Emily prefers sleeping masks. After cleansing her face, she often uses Sisley Express Flower Gel mask to revitalize the dehydrated skin, tired after long flights.



As Hollywood's top drama queen, any product that Kim choses always creates a strong wave for the media. In an interview, Kim said that she likes mini-products for moving and La Mer had most suitable size. When traveling, Kim often carries a small bag containing hand lotion, serum and moisturizer to moisturize her skin on the plane.



The Duchess of Sussex has a habit of carrying a bottle of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil with her. In an interview, Meghan shared that she always needed tea tree oil. According to Meghan, it might not be the most noble thing, but when you are bitten by mosquitoes or even have pimples, tea tree oil can handle it all. It is also inexpensive and very compact.



As a big star with a busy schedule, sometimes Kate doesn't have time to rest after a long flight. She might have to go right away to a talk show or photo shoot after landing. So Kate always prioritizes to restore the skin when in the air. In addition to scrubbing and skin care, Kate often uses Lancôme's Advanced Genifique Mask. The cult Genifique product line is truly outstanding with hyaluronic acid and moisturizing ceramides, helping Kate keep her radiant beauty in her forties.

By: Vivian Cooper

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