How does cloud computing help businesses save costs?

Want to save money on your business? Free yourself today with cloud computing.

Cloud computing represents the most important step in optimizing tasks in the everyday office environment. Normal but time-consuming tasks can be speeded up or even completed using software that uses cloud computing. On top of that, cloud computing eliminates the common obstacles encountered by groups of colleagues working together on a project.

Thanks to increased productivity, cloud computing has helped businesses invest less in server services. Cloud computing can save businesses a considerable amount, compared to what they may have had to pay for using traditional physical servers.

Want to save money on your business through cloud computing today? Let's explore some ways that cloud computing can help you save costs:

1. Less upfront investment

Typically, setting up a data file management system requires businesses to invest in the purchase of bulky, expensive physical servers and hardware. The cloud, meanwhile, will help convert this difficult task to remote servers. This solution can expand your office space because there is no space for physical servers, when important corporate data that is secured in the cloud.

In addition, using the cloud significantly reduces the risk of losing everything in the event of a natural disaster, because your data has been stored and backed up on servers from far away.

The biggest benefit of using cloud computing is the payment model that most cloud vendors offer. Instead of buying your own server and having to calculate costs, planning ahead for the growth of the company, you only pay for the capacity and bandwidth your company currently uses.


2. Reduced electricity costs

In the US, when the General Services Administration (GSA) moved its 17,000 users from physical servers to cloud-based systems, it cut 91% of power usage (not yet including reduced carbon emissions). GSA estimates that this move reduces the annual electricity bill by about $ 285,000.

Similarly, if your company uses a separate physical server system, you will have to spend large amounts of variable costs each month to keep those servers running 24/7. This cost does not include the electricity cost for other related machines to operate, or the electricity cost for the cooling system, or labor costs…

So, why not use cloud servers right now and let your suppliers pay those electricity bills on your behalf? Cloud vendors often use systems designed to efficiently cool themselves and save energy, while protecting the environment.

3. Maximized employee productivity

Employees are not paid monthly just to waste time. Salary of employees is also the cost that the company has to spend. Think about your company's previous business projects with the working involvement of many employees and departments. Can they transfer data quickly and access and process data anywhere anytime? Or is your company facing problems in transferring and protecting data right at this moment?

Cloud networks, meanwhile, optimize this process, creating a central database that everyone with decentralized authority has access to. Instead of waiting for others to check their email and edit documents, they are always available in the cloud - where people can change data information in real time and can all be seen.

This usefulness of cloud computing technology has been applied to individual users in the form of extremely familiar applications such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and we cannot deny their importance at work.


4. Minimized busyness

If you are a business owner or manager, how much time do you spend each month checking payrolls, invoice costs and other spreadsheets that require constant updates?

With a cloud system, these tasks can be automated and streamlined. Employees can post their own working hours and schedules where authorized people will be able to track that information. By taking care of those time-consuming tasks and making them easier, cloud computing frees up more time for creative activities to grow the business.

5. Increased freedom

After all, time is money. Even money can be recovered but time passed cannot be regained. By switching to a cloud-based system, you can access your company database anywhere in the world with your laptop or mobile device.

Why chain yourself around in the office just because your bulky physical server is located there and can't be used when you're not at the office? Free yourself today with cloud computing.





By: Craig Garza

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