5 famous couples who announced their breakup in the past 8 months

Many artist couples announced their breakup in 2019, which made fans disappointed and regretful.


After parting with her boyfriend for 8 years, Demi Lovato made the fan community rise because of claiming to love Henry Levy, who has a history of using drug. The singer met the designer when they both went to rehab. Their love story was not supported by the public. The affair ended in four months when they publicly broke up in early March. The reason for parting was thought to be that Henry did not support and help his girlfriend during her rehab. The two were last seen together on Valentine's Day.


After many times of the breakup and reunion, fans thought Lady Gaga had found a place to live with Christian Carino. The singer shocked when she announced canceling a marriage with her boyfriend after two years of romance. She admitted she had problems balancing work and love. Every time a career rose, it is also when the lover was no longer besides. Lady Gaga caught the attention of not wearing an engagement ring, not mentioning her fiancée at Grammy. Moreover, on Valentine's Day, the 33-year-old singer did not post pictures with her lover, she posted a tattoo regarding her character in the movie "A Star Is Born". This made fans even more suspicious that Bradley Cooper was the third person because the film couple often had intimate gestures before.


The success of "A Star Is Born" was also rumored to be the reason why actor Bradley Cooper and supermodel Irina Shayk said goodbye in June. The couple lived 4 years happily and had a daughter. After parting, they still hang out with their children but don't go together. Irina Shayk at first still congratulated Lady Gaga when the singer won the award. Not long after that, supermodel quit following Lady Gaga on Instagram when there were too many articles written about the relationship between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.


The love story of Camila Cabello and British speaker Matthew Hussey was quite romantic and sweet. Her ex-boyfriend, a "love messenger" of British women, is known for his impressive speech and masculine appearance. In 18 months together, both gave each other many affectionate gestures. Even after parting, the couple continues to be good friends. Camilla Cabello confirmed parting nearly a week after "Señorita" hit with Shawn Mendes.


When Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced their marriage, fans burst into happiness. However, in just about a year, both announced their farewell. Immediately after the breakup was supposed to be the real end, Miley revealed a hug to Kaitlynn Jenner in an intimate position. Before breaking up, the voice of "Wrecking Ball" revealed that she was still attracted to women despite being married. Miley Cyrus and Liam both did not want to be noisy after the break of marriage. It can be said that, despite many times of the breakup and reunion, the two could not find a common voice and decided to leave.

By: Abigail Harris

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