6 records that Taylor Swift's 'Lover' has achieved after one week of release

After a week of release, Taylor Swift's 'Lover' album has reached 6 huge records that surprised the music industry.

Taylor Swift's new album, "Lover", ranked No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with the biggest week for an album since Taylor Swift's last release named "Reputation". Here are 6 new records that Taylor Swift has achieved.


The best-selling album in the first week of release since Taylor Swift's "Reputation"

Taylor Swift's "Reputation" album sold 1,238 million equivalent album units in 2017. "Lover" has a shortfall in number but is still the album with the first best-selling week in the past two years since 2017.

The biggest sales week for an album since "Reputation"

The combined release of the four luxury CD versions of "Lover" can be collected at Target, as well as dozens of merchandise/digital album packages sold through Taylor Swift's official website. The album also has a standard CD version sold widely, along with an equivalent digital album available through all digital retailers. In addition, the album "Lover" was available on the online service very soon. This has helped "Lover" achieve the biggest sales week since 2017.


The only female singer to have six albums sold at least 500,000 copies in a week

With sales of 679,000 copies, Taylor Swift became the first woman to have six different albums selling at least 500,000 copies in a week.

Taylor Swift's sixth album topped the Billboard Hot 200

"Lover" is Taylor Swift's 6th album at the top of the Billboard 200. Other albums can be named "Reputation" with four consecutive weeks at No. 1, "1989" with 11 consecutive weeks, "Red" with 7 consecutive weeks, "Speak Now" with 6 consecutive weeks, "Fearless" with 11 discontinuous weeks.


The fifth album peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 this decade

"Lover" helped Taylor Swift achieve the fifth album ranked No.1 on Billboard in this decade. The first achievement went to Drake with nine albums.

The second-largest streaming week ever for a female artist's album or a pop album

With 175,000 units of live streaming of the album "Lover", equivalent to 226 million audio streams on-demand for songs during the week of its release," Lover" is the album with the second-largest streaming week for pop albums and second-largest of the albums in 2019.


In the figures, Taylor Swift only lost to "thank u, next" of Ariana Grande. Besides, the album "Lover" also received enthusiastic support from Asia, especially in fastidious markets like China. Moreover, "Lover" is also a product that is highly appreciated in terms of art when many critics have praised the positive for this album. Although "Lover" does not achieve a huge number of sales as the period of "Reputation", but this achievement contributes significantly to promoting the development of the recording industry.

By: Abigail Harris

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