8 secrets hidden in Taylor Swift's MV 'Lover'

Recently, Taylor Swift has released MV "Lover" which contains many interesting things.

"Lover" is a song composed with Jack Antonoff. This is a country ballad with a sound centered on the guitar. With the retro-style music motif, Taylor Swift sings about her relationship with her new love.


After a time of debut, different from the first songs which received mixed reviews, "Lover" quickly received positive reviews from famous music magazines and is considered a successful product of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift and Drew Kirsch are the ones who directed the music video for "Lover". With dancer Christian Owens playing the role of lover, the video is bright in the context of a dollhouse.

Behind these incredibly lovely shots, there are interesting secrets that you may not know.

The picture of a cat


If you follow Taylor Swift long enough, everyone knows that she is a "lover of cats more than people". This is a picture of a cat named Benjamin Button of the female artist. This cat appeared in MV "Me!" with an extremely cute and lovely appearance.

King of My Heart


Another game called King of Hearts is related to the song of the same name in the era of "Reputation". The pieces also spell out "Afterglow", this is a song from her new album.

New Year’s Eve


In a room, Taylor Swift is enjoying a New Year's Eve party with friends, possibly a reference to her "New Year’s Day" song, about her romance with Joe Alwyn.

Headband with the word "Amour"


When Taylor Swift started playing the guitar in her pink room, music fans can realize that her headband has the word "amour", which is "love" in French.

Birthday cake


Taylor Swift is famous for the ability to install details into MV quite well, and this is a typical example. Some fans with keen eyes may discover that the cake Taylor Swift blows off the candles actually appeared in her "You Need to Calm Down" video.

Snow globe


Taylor Swift shared on YouTube Live that the inspiration for this video is based on the lyrics from the song from her 1989 album "You Are in Love". Lyrics: "And so it goes, you two are dancing in a snow globe, 'round and 'round". Also in this global, there are seven rooms, most likely to represent Taylor Swift's seventh album.



Butterflies are an important symbol in "Lover" album. t appeared pretty much in the "Me!" MV and also "You Need To Calm Down". In this video, butterflies are printed on Taylor Swift's nightgown.

New fashion products


Earlier this summer, Taylor Swift and Stella McCartney planned to launch a new fashion line. "#StellaxTaylorSwift will be coming soon, Taylor Swift wrote in the post, showing she and McCartney working behind the scenes. These are brilliant designs and are especially friendly to the environment.

By: Grace White

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