7 helpful tips to wear high heels without pain

High heels are considered a symbol of women's pride, but wearing them regular or inappropriate high heels can make your feet swollen and sore.


Many women are unable to give up their love of high heels even though they admit there are many foot problems. Therefore, to minimize serious complications, you need to know how to wear high heels without pain.

1. Choosing the right size 


You should measure the length and width of your foot at the shoe store and ask the support staff to find the best shoe size. Note that the feet may have different sizes. If possible, buy shoes that are hand-crafted to the size of each foot or at least buy shoes that fit the size of the larger foot. Different brands also sometimes have different size rules for shoes. To make sure you get the perfect high heels, head to the store and try out many different sizes directly.

2. Investing in a pair of high-quality high heels


Buying a pair of high-heeled shoes from a famous brand or made of good material will definitely give you a more comfortable feeling when walking and standing. Pay attention to the seams and feel the smoothness of the material by putting it on your feet and walking a few times. In addition, you can also gently shake the heels to check certainty.

3. Choosing shoes with big heels


The sharper the heel is, the more likely it is that you will lose your balance and make your foot more painful. Therefore, you should choose shoes with slightly larger heels such as square heels for a firm fulcrum. Then, you will put less effort into the toes, limiting the feeling of pain.

4. Buying more insoles when wearing high heels


You should buy heel insoles when wearing high heels, they will make you feel comfortable. Note, you need to buy the pads after or at the time of buying shoes to ensure they will fit the shoe. If not, they will make the shoes look unsightly, even counterproductive, making the feet more painful. Many manufacturers who know how to grasp the psychology of users donate silicon pads to help users keep the foot more stable.

5. Taking time to relax your feet

When you don't need to walk like you're sitting at your desk, set high heels aside and relax your feet comfortably. Shrink, stretch the toes or rotate the ankles slightly so that the foot muscles are released after they are confined in the narrow space of the shoe.


After a day of work, you should also perform some gentle foot massage to help blood circulation better, limiting numbness and leg pain when wearing high heels continuously.

6. Buying high heels in the evening


The best time to buy shoes is at the end of the day when you've been moving all day long and your feet are slightly enlarged. This will help you choose a pair of shoes that fit and are comfortable during the day.

7. Finding fulcrums when moving


When traveling on a terrain that is easy to fall, you should look for strong fulcrums. For example, hold onto a handle or touch a wall when climbing stairs. If you do not have a fulcrum, you should go very carefully and slowly to easily balance your body.

By: Olivia Smith

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