5 impressive street styles of Josephine Skriver

Let's check out super cool street styles of Josephine Skriver - a new angel of Victoria’s Secret.

1. Jeans and white top

Most artists love jeans and white shirt, so this duo is always referred as an daily "uniform" of models. As indispensable items in ladies' locker, Summer 2016, the heat of these "pals" has grown continually.


Depending on your preference and personal taste, you can learn from Josephine Skriver or make different combinations, creating multi-colored shades for these familiar items.




2. Denim on denim

During the Spring - Summer fashion season, usually the dominant outfits are mostly made from thin, softly  materials. However, there are still many things "hiding" that sometimes we totally forget. And denim is one of these interesting highlights.


Denim-on-denim or double denim is particularly concerned by Josephine Skriver. Just a slightly modification, this girl has made it her own stunning style.




3. Rock chic

This is a very unique combination of "badass" and feminine. You can wear a gritty leather jacket full of rivets with a gentle, sweet dress, plus a pair of leather shoes the way this Victoria's Secret angel mix-match to create the style of Rock Chic.


To master this "half violent, half tender" style, black is the main color of Rock Chic.




4. Tank top

The summer heat of summer has made sleeveless tank-top a first choice for street style of Josephine. Remember, dressing nicely does not mean you have to spend hours in front of a mirror or apply fussy, complicated things.


If you are a fan of casual style, you absolutely do not have to think too much, just go to basic items and then mix them with familiar accessories like sunglasses, hats, bigsized bags...



5. Leather jacket

Not hard to encounter the appearance of the beautiful Josephine with a stylish, glamorous and classy leather jacket. It is indeed one of her favorite items so far.


Premium leather with eye-catching variations, this item gives fashionistas an excellent choice for any event. Leather jacket is also rated as one of most flexible and luxurious jackets for both women and men.



By: Iris Shailene

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