Find your own fashion style in the era of Instagram

Creating personal fashion style is not easy, especially more difficult in the era of booming social networks like today.

Style is something that can be seen or felt through appearance, dress, personality and gestures. Charming and elegant, strange and new, or even impolite and disrespectful, are all considered a style. Just like art, when it comes to fashion, good or bad, attractive or weird, lovely or dangerous, it is still style.

A person with style can be identified as being well-dressed, fitting or leading the trends. But there are also fashion symbols that are only faithful to a certain appearance. Both bring inspiration in dressing, and when there are certain followers, they will be called by the name "influencers".


Creative directors of fashion brands today are not only good at technology and creativity, they also have their own vision and style. That is the key to success in all time. Take a look at iconic names like Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano or famous names today like Hedi Slimane, Rick Owens, Phoebe Philo... Each one creates their own empire, a different religion for millions of fashionistas to follow.

Some of those believers are style icons on social networks. They are stylists, models, journalists, buyers... with aesthetic sense, fashion knowledge and close relationships with brands, they become "fashion insider" and continue to spread their influence on trends, styles and shopping inspirations to the masses through social networks.

Alessandro Michele brought a new wind to fashion through his worldview, where everything looked fresh yet nostalgic.

The question is, how to create a unique style in the era of social network dominance? The biggest obstacle is copying. If you search for "Top stylish influencers" on Google, the results will show lots of rankings. No list is the same, but it's hard to find the difference in those accounts. Easily getting information and reference images makes our filters thin. Style is the way we show our personal imprints. But today, what we see, buy and discuss are very similar, repetitive.

Along with the introduction of applications such as Instagram, Snapchat and hashtag, young people's need prove themselves is increasing. Today, the fear of being out of date is greater for most netizens, when everyone wants to be beautiful, catch up with the latest trends. That fact motivates them toward successful monuments. That's why we only have one Kylie Jenner, one Bella Hadid but there are millions of other girls who look like these influencers.


We feel safe with becoming the same, but at the same time we hate it. That is why the appearance of Alessandro Michele-the-eccentric at Gucci more than 3 years ago was so warmly welcomed by young people. Michele style is not new, somewhat even old because of its nostalgic appearance. But it is really new because of the way he brings us to his own wonderland, where everything is mixed in a surprising and irregular way.

On the way to find our own style, in addition to selecting things that suit ourselves, perhaps we need to have a strong spirit. If you have found what suits you, be loyal to that true self. Anna Wintour can carry her pair of beige colored Manolo Blahnik shoes everywhere, and Karl Lagerfeld could wear black suits all year long, but no one can complain that their style is fuzzy.


When it comes to Anna Wintour, people will immediately think of Chanel or Prada set with Manolo Blahnik's classic beige high heels.

If you ask whether fashion still produces new things in the future, the answer is still yes, but it certainly won't be much and strong enough if we compromise on becoming a copy. If you want to imitate, follow the predecessors when the internet had yet to master. Take the risk to put on what your personal filter says is beautiful, and ignore the crowd's judgements.






By: Quinn Abram

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