Rihanna’s fashion style is getting worse and worse

Rihanna’s 'unique' fashion seems to be unstoppable. The singer usually confuses people with undefinable mix-and-match styles.


Following underwear trend at the premier of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Rihanna’s dress made people think about a classical pink curtain with cheesy feathers. Sadly, this is a Prada design.


This Giambattista Valli gown has its lower part looking like Rihanna was putting on an upside-down mushroom with a hole on the top. Anyone having a look at Rihanna in this gown might think that she was pregnant.


Obviously, Rihanna was totally feeling the song, but it is unsure that the audiences down there were listening to it when they were dazzled by her showy floral pans.


Gucci should have warned Rihanna that this outfit is for exhibition only, and it looks weird on her.


People know that Umbrella singer is a fan of oversized clothes, but it seems like she has gone too far this time. In this pic, Rihanna looks like a walking clothes-hanger.


The gown is not bad, but that pair of glasses destroyed everything. It is advisable that Rihanna say no to kids’ toys no matter how cute they are.


No, not Elton John! Rihanna just wanted to have a ramble of colors. You can find anything on the Earth in this picture, from snakeskin to tiger claws, from feather to fur. All are vividly (over) colorful.


Rihanna can be called a trend setter, but it is a little bit early to wear thousands sandals as evening gown like what she did on the red carpet at Met Gala.


It might take you a while to recognize what she was wearing in this pic. It turns out to be a denim thigh high slit maxi matched with an oversized denim jacket.


It looks quite cold in this photo, but this kind of mix-and-match is just complicatedly unexplainable.


Some people might be thinking that she has just had her hair done and still kept the steamer on the head. Others suppose that Rihanna is a fan of Oz: The Great and Powerful.


Evidently, Rihanna knows how to draw attention. She has always been fond of peculiar clothes and hairstyles.


Rihanna put her image at risk when mixing a classical black velvet gown and jewelry with a modern shirt and cap.


With this Tinker Bell outfit, Rihanna surely got huge attention on the street.


Let’s ignore her alien lipstick for a while to spend time figuring out the other things she put on!


Sleeping dress is a rather popular trend now, but only Rihanna dared to literally wear sleeping dress like this.

By: Chris Stewart

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