Sneaker fans can try Gucci shoes without going to shops

Gucci has enchanted its devotees when launching the application that allows users to try Ace series right on smartphones.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 is changing many industries around the world, including fashion. To reach young customers and grow up with technology, fashion brands have adopted many creative and flexible tactics, instead of pursuing traditional marketing models. Not outside the game, recently, Gucci brand has launched an application based on AR technology, so users can try the Ace shoes - one of the lines legendary products of the brand on smartphones. 

Gucci's application allows users to try their favorite Ace shoes. 

Accordingly, Gucci App users can choose a pair of sneakers in the app store, point the camera down to the foot and see if that model is right for them or not. The built-in imaging feature allows users to take pictures with these shoes and share them with friends via messages, e-mail or social networks. The users can also choose icons and backdrops to decorate their photos and personalize this application to their liking. 

Gucci's legendary Ace shoes are always loved by fashionistas. 

Ace series with constantly changing models are considered products of Gucci brand to show its creativity and inspiration, one of the accessories to help users express their personalities. This brand often changes the details on Ace, giving the fans many interesting versions and bearing the characteristics of each person. Ace is part of Gucci's personalization program, in which customers can create their own sneakers, with separate stickers. This is considered a suitable option for fashion followers who want to show their personality. 

Wannaby, Gucci's technology partner for this application, owns the highly-rated "AR shoe" technology in the world. The app uses real-time machine learning algorithms to determine the location of shoes in space, combined with changes in color, light, material. The end result is that users can see the shoes change accordingly based on camera angles and the movement of their feet. 

Users can order favorite shoes thanks to the link available on the app.

Gucci App on iOS for users to discover the latest Ace shoe models and combinations to find the best model. The application is linked to its website (, enabling customers to order the desired shoe models conveniently and quickly. It can be said that this is one of the moves to catch the 4.0 game and show interest in the young user segment of the fashion brand from Italy. In the future, Gucci will invest in developing more modern technologies to increase the shopping experience for its customers. 

By: Jimmy Saunders

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