10 foods not to eat when you're hungry

We will help you find 10 daily foods that should not be eaten when you feel hungry.

A slice of bread, a cup of yogurt or a banana is usually a snack that you think for a simple breakfast or when you are hungry. However, you certainly will not doubt that these foods are likely to harm your health when your abdomen are empty. We will help you find 10 foods daily that should not be consumed when you are hungry.

Here are 10 foods should NOT be eaten when being hungry:

1. Bread and cake


Breads and pastries are often a familiar morning snack for people, especially as for office workers who are always busy with work. However, when you are hungry, these fermented foods will easily irritate the lining of the stomach and make you feel uncomfortable.

2. Sweet candies


Sweet candies or any sugary foods are always attractive to you when you are hungry. But the truth is that it will increase the amount of insulin in the blood and inhibit the pancreas during the ‘transport’ of blood to the kidneys for purification. This will easily lead to the risk of diabetes.

3. Yogurt and fermented milk products


Yogurt and fermented milk products absolutely do not benefit you when you are hungry. When being ingested, hydrochloric acid is produced when the stomach is ‘starving’ to destroy lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt yeast. Therefore, your body will not absorb any benefit from yogurt.

4. Pear


The acids in pears also do not benefit the fluid in the abdomen when you are hungry.

5. Tomatoes


As for people who follow weight-loss diets, tomatoes are always available in their salads. But you should remember that you should not to eat tomatoes when you feel hungry. Because tomatoes containing tannic acid, which increases the acidity of your stomach. This leads to the risk of Peptic ulcer disease.

6. Cucumber and raw vegetables


Raw vegetables which are can be eaten are rich in amino acids. However, if you eat raw vegetables when being hungry, this will lead to flatulence or abdominal pain.

7. Bananas


Bananas are very convenient for you when you are hungry. But you should give up this eating habit. Because if you eat bananas when being hungry, you will inadvertently increase the amount of magnesium in your blood, which can be detrimental to your heart.

8. Spicy foods


Limit eating spicy foods when you are hungry. Spicy foods will irritate the lining of the stomach, which can lead to increased production of acid inside the stomach. This is often one of the causes leading to digestive disorders.

9. Fizzy drinks


Drinking fizzy drinks in the morning will affect negatively the fluid in the abdomen and reduce blood supplying to your digestive system. Maintaining this habit in the long run will make food digested longer.

10. Oranges and mandarin


These are two types of fruits including many kinds of fruit acids. But you eat them when you are hungry, which will lead to the risk of peptic ulcer disease.

By: Alan Smith

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