10 versions of pizza worldwide

Pizza is not only served in Italian restaurants, but it is ‘spreading’ the whole world with different styles.

1. Lamacun, Turkey


The "pizza" in Turkey called as ‘Lamacun’ has a thin and crispy base. Lamacun has a variety of different types and also is suitable for vegetarians. In addition, Lamacun includes some vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, coriander and mayonnaise to make a nice difference for Lamacun.

2. Tarte Flambee, France


It is difficult to find a simple European cuisine as great as the Tarte Flambee of the Alsace region of France. This unique pizza is not as round as traditional pizza. It is usually cut into rectangular pieces and includes onion, and smoked bacon.

3. Okonomiyaki, Japan


Okonomiyaki is often called as Japanese pancakes. This type of cake is the combination of native ingredients in the ‘design’ of the classic pizza. The base is made of interwoven noodles made from flour, sugar, yeast, sweet potatoes, cabbage or eggs. The differences that make up the appeal of each Japanese pizza are the Okonomiyaki sauce and the dried tuna slices on top.

4. Lángos, Hungary


Lángos is a very popular street food in Hungary. Lángos is served with plenty of cheese, sour cream, onion and shrimps. The base of the Lángos is made of fried dough.

5. Coca, Spain


Coca consists of a slice of toast along with vegetables that are usually red bell peppers and sausages. This type of cake is much thinner than regular pizza.

6. Zapiekanka, Poland


Zapiekanka is the great combination of pizza and sandwich, which is considered as a favorite dish in Poland. Mushrooms, cheese and onions are all spread on a long sandwich, then baked to make the cheese melted. This type of cake is usually served with tomato sauce.

7. Bulgogi Pizza, Korea


Bulgogi is a favorite dish in Korea. There are many styles of Bulgogi but the combination of this delicious dish with crispy base and sauce will make this kind of pizza more attractive .

8. Kebab Pizza, Sweden


Kebab pizzas consist of fried potatoes, meat, and fresh cream. This dish is considered as popular night dish of local people of this country.

9. Neapolitan, Italy


Neapolitan style is traditional and simple. In addition to the thick base mixed with cheese, Neapolitan is served with tomato sauce and the famous mozzarella cheese.

10. Khachpuri, Georgia


The cake is shaped like a ‘deep-fried boat’ baked with eggs, which makes this type of pizza become popular takeaway dish in Georgia. Khachpuri is a salty dish that can be eaten at any time of the day and is suitable for all people.

By: Samanthan Lane

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