4 amazing foods for 4 of most common diseases

What to have to feel better with cold, stomach pain, stuffy nose, or diarrhea.

1. Have a cold? Don't forget chicken soup


It is no coincidence that people often advise you to eat chicken soup when you catch a cold. According to studies, cysteine, the amino acid with high content in chicken soup, can thin mucus in lungs caused by colds.

A bowl of chicken soup or chicken porridge with spices such as onion, pepper... can help your throat stay warm, fight normal colds, while preventing the risk of angina.

2. Reduce stomach pain with fresh ginger


When a stomach pain strikes, drink a cup of hot ginger tea or suck on ginger. Ginger is spicy and warm, so it's effective in reducing and preventing attacks of vomiting, flatulence of the stomach or constipation.

This method is also suitable for those who are tired of being cold.

3. Herbal tea helps you more comfortable when having stuffy nose


Herbal teas are rich in antioxidants and support immune system. With a cold and a stuffy nose, you can drink this kind of tea when it's hot to ease nasal mucus congestion, making you feel more comfortable.

4. Diarrhea, make friends with banana


Potassium should be added if you have diarrhea, because it's when you lose potassium the most. Meanwhile, bananas are a plentiful and safe source of potassium.

In addition, eating bananas helps lower body temperature, avoiding high fever, which is dangerous to life.

By: Emily Gonzalez

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