5 super-expensive meals for millionaires only

In addition to delicious food, rich people also look for unique creations.

You think super-rich people will eat anything like truffles or caviar… But the rich people do not only eat well, but they also look for unique creations. CNBC has recorded some of the most wasted and expensive recreational activities that rich people have been enjoying.

Dinner on the beach


When you are a VIP on a 165-foot yacht called the Carolyn Aronson for a trip on the Miami River, luxury dinners are too commonplace. Aronson, the founder and chief executive of the hair and service company, invites his guests to a special meal from Seaspice in Miami including lobster, oyster, red snapper and caviar as well as Dom Perignon champagne. The price of dinner for about 10 people is more than $ 10,000 which is paid entirely by Aronson.

Chocolate for the rich


The price for these four chocolates is $ 1000. Being created by chocolate expert Fritz Knipschildt, these are the most expensive chocolates in the world. The chocolate is made from a rare mushroom, at price of nearly $ 1,600, which is imported from Ecuador and is mixed with luxurious cocoa powder worth about $ 250 for a small box.

Fresh cream


Visitors to Serendipity 3 in New York City often opt for the popular chocolate ice cream in the area. However, the rich people can buy more attractive dishes. For example, the price of "Opulent Sundae" ice cream is $ 1000. The ice cream is made with three tablespoons of Tahitian vanilla cream covered with golden powder, almonds and caviar. It takes 8 hours to make this special cream. Dishes are served in a glass of Baccarat and are lined with 23 karat gold leaf.

The most expensive omelet in the world


Everyone knows lunch in Manhattan is extremely expensive. But eating at the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in Norma's is far more expensive with the special omelet that will cost $ 1,000.The meal is called "Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata" - including 10 ounces of premium caviar, six fresh eggs, oysters, potatoes and lobster sliced to make this expensive omelet.



In The Venetian Las Vegas, a cupcake is priced in the sky. It is made of Venezuelan chocolate worth $ 100 for just 450g. In addition, the cake is covered with a layer of 24 karat gold pieces along with golden caviar. The cake is decorated with a crown made of sugar with Cognac wine ($ 2,500 a bottle).

By: Stephan Swift

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