6 countries with the spiciest taste

If you are a devotee of the spicy flavor, then you surely cannot ignore the cuisine of the following countries.



Food in Bhutan - a small kingdom bordering India and Tibet is very spicy but also has simple dishes such as ema datshi, consisting only of chili and cheese and often served with rice. Traditional dishes of this country are very spicy because people need to keep their body warm when the temperature in Bhutan is always low. According to the BBC, chili in Bhutan is considered a vegetable, not a spice.



Spicy dishes are not popular in Chinese cuisine, but if you go to Guizhou, Hunan, Sichuan, and Yunnan provinces, you should be prepared to enjoy the world's most spicy dishes. For example, a hotpot of Sichuan is filled with fresh peppers, dried chilies covering the soup surface, especially when eaten hot. Although Sichuan has a different climate depending on the region (due to its large area), most of them have a common point that is humid, cold and even cold in summer. Therefore, the spicy taste here is extremely loved by the people.



Referring to the spicy Korean flavor, it is impossible not to mention the famous Gochujang sauce. It can appear in almost every dish from kimchi, rice cake, hot pot to instant noodles. It can be said a spicy characteristic when it comes to Korean cuisine. However, not Koreans have had to eat spicy since ancient times but they only started this habit in the 1500s.



Thai cuisine is a blend of many different countries, from China, Europe to Persia and the characteristic spicy flavor also mostly from these countries. The pepper is used by Thai people and many Asian countries actually originating from the Americas and brought by Europeans. Tom Yum is one of the most popular things to express the typical spicy taste of Thailand, often used in hot pot dishes.



Although Mexico is not famous for the spicy taste, those who have had the opportunity to try Mexican food also confirm that the spicy taste is very popular in this place. This is somewhat understandable because Mexico itself is the cradle of peppers. From a young age, Mexican people who have learned to eat chili dishes, are extremely familiar with the spicy taste. The famous Mexican sauce called "Salsa" often served in most of the traditional Mexican dishes.



Not surprisingly, India is on this list. Vindaloo is a spicy curry that most people think of when thinking about spicy dishes in India but Rajasthani laal maas defeats Vindaloo. If you're in South India, you'll want to try the 65 chicken. Nobody can determine exactly why it is tied to the 65 numbers but there is a theory that this is made from 65 types of chili. Another irresistible spicy dish is chile bajji (deep-fried chili peppers submerged in green bean powder) that you can find on any beach along the South Indian coast.

By: Kelly Jonas

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