6 famous tasty noodles worldwide

Let’s check out some delicious and hot noodles in countries across the world!

On cold winter days, people often think of eating noodles, and hot soup. In many countries in the world, they have their own noodles, which is very attractive and appropriate in winter.

Pho - Vietnam


‘Pho’ is considered traditional Vietnamese food. The noodles are made from rice flour. The noodles are placed in bowls of broth with a variety of flavors and ingredients such as beef or chicken. You can find ‘pho’ on the menu of many Vietnamese restaurants in the US. The noodle soup is very delicious and attractive. It includes a mixture of spices such as aniseed, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Cow bone is the basic ingredient for broth.

Rindfleischsuppe – Germany


Like Vietnamese noodles, German noodle soup is made from cow bone. Other ingredients to make this dish are available at grocery stores. Carrots, parsley, tomatoes and celery are added to broth and other spices such as bay leaves, cloves, pepper and salt. Rindfleischsuppe is a perfect combination of ingredients like egg noodles, broth and spices.

Italian noodles


Tortellini is a ring-shaped stuffed pasta coming from Emilia Romagna, Italia. Like other pasta, tortellini is the basic ingredient for many different foods. The inner parts of the noodles are mainly meat or cheese and being served with tomato sauce. In some places around the city of Bologna, tortellini is usually served with chicken or beef broth. You can easily buy frozen tortellini in many grocery stores in Italy.



Ramen is one of the world’s famous noodles. Ramen is made from wheat and a bowl of ramen noodles can be combined with a variety of broths as well as different ingredients on the top. At restaurants in Tokyo, you can choose dozens of different types of ramen noodles. It could be ramen with broth, chicken, fish, miso and seaweed. The accompanying ingredients can be beef, chicken, shrimp, fish, eggs, tofu, octopus, or vegetables. Although dry ramen is cheap and available in many Japanese stores, fresh noodles still taste better. Ramen is also becoming popular in Western countries.

Sehriye Corbasi -  Turkey


Sehriye Corbasi is a Turkish soup served with very short noodles. In fact, this type of noodles in Italy is called as "risoni", meaning large rice grains. In Turkey, these noodles are called as arpa sehriye, which is cooked with tomatoes, lemons and mint leaves.

Sopa de fideo – Mexico


Mexican noodle is the "cousin" of American noodles, which is called as fideo but it has some differences. To make Sopa de fideo, you can buy ‘pasta angel hair’. Like Vietnamese noodles, Sopa de fideo has a variety of recipes. Noodles are often fried in oil for a short time before being added to broth. The noodle soup is made from chicken, tomatoes, coriander, garlic, and chili.

By: Ashley Brown

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