6 most common mistakes of drinking beer

Drinking chilled beer, drinking old beer, drinking beer with liquor... are the common mistakes affecting our health.

According to Asiaone, many people think that drinking alcohol is beneficial for health. But studies show that alcohol brings more harm than benefits, especially addicts or following mistakes:


Drinking too much beer

In the manufacturing process, the purity of beer has improved but there are still some residual toxic substances such as lead, nitrogen acids ... If you drink too much beer at a time, these substances will accumulate and damage for body. Drinking too much beer as well as a lot of heat buildup, leading to more fat, hindering the process of creating ribonucleic acid and negatively impact the metabolism of the cell.



Eating salted or smoked foods while drinking beer

Pickled contain nitrous acid. Smoked foods contain chemical compounds derived. When drinking too much beer, blood lead levels increased, combined with these substances will cause poisoning.


Drinking beer with liquor

Drinking beer with liquor increases the alcohol content of beer, causing excessive stimulation of the stomach and intestines, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction.


Drinking beer when your body is sweating

Many people, especially men like to drink beer and watch this "common-sense beverage". Sometimes both work or play sports sweating, they thirst for cold beer and plenty of refreshments. Experts warn this practice is very dangerous because when the body is sweating, enlarged pores, vascular and intestinal also expand. Drink lots of beer this time will make the blood vessels sudden contraction of intestinal, pores quickly closed, leading to stop sweating in a short time, obstruct the heat sink on the surface of the skin, irritating bowel. Status cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and even seizures.



Drinking chilled beer

The temperature of beer is about 4 to 10 degrees C. The protein and tannic acid in chilled beer will be combined together and settle down. After drinking, discomfort in the gut, lack of appetite.


Drinking old beer

Shelf life of the beer typically only 2 to 3 months, 4 months, the beer good. Beer too shelf will be metamorphosed and sour, and drank on offensive gastrointestinal dysfunction, even poisoning.

By: Vivian Sprout

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