6 starches you can eat comfortably without gaining weight

Starch is always on the blacklist of any diet menu, but these following 5 starches are actually the best diet food for you.



If one day, you can't find traditional bread, replace it with cereal bread. Unlike normal bread, the starches in cereal bread are slow metabolites. Therefore, when you eat this type of bread, you will feel energetic, fuller longer, limiting the feeling of mid-day hunger. Not only that, cereal bread contains a large amount of fiber and protein and many other minerals to support weight loss.



Vermicelli, noodles, pasta often give us an unhealthy feeling because of the risk of pushing up the insulin content in the body. Instead of the usual white pasta, why not switch to whole wheat pasta? Nutrition experts say that wheat-based diet foods are high in fiber and undergo less processing. Whole wheat pasta also has a longer metabolism process than other starches when you put them into your body.



Most types of legumes are very cheap and good for our health. Although legumes belong to starch, they contain a lot of fiber, folic acid, potassium and magnesium. They  can lower blood sugar, improve cholesterol levels and protect the intestinal tract. According to estimates, 1 cup of red beans makes up only 300 calories. So, you can eat as many beans as you want. Legumes are also suitable as snacks if you get hungry in the middle of the day.



When it comes to starches, none of us think of fruits because they think this is a vitamin-rich food rather than a starch-rich one. Fruits are a result of plants, and plants contain a lot of glucose - a form of starch. There is no fruit that is not good for you. Fruits help you best absorb the amount of nutrients in starches that are loaded into the body. Vitamins and minerals in fruits also repel antioxidants and prevent diseases.



Good starch makes up 66% of oats, other ingredients include: protein, fat, fiber and some other minerals. Protein and fiber help control your cravings and promote muscle building. You can combine oats with some nuts such as almonds, cashews… to increase the nutritional value of your meal.



According to the result of several studies, the amount of starch and fat in pumpkin is very small. On average, 1 kg of pumpkin provides only 40 calories. The fiber in the pumpkin creates a feeling of fullness and helps to reverse the absorption of blood sugar. In addition, pumpkin also contains a large amount of beta-carotene and vitamin C, which are both very good for eyesight and skin beauty.


By: Lily Jones

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