7 delicacies that you should enjoy in Italy

Coming to Italy, only looking at the beautiful scenery is not enough, so you must enjoy the delicious dishes here to complete your trip.

Italy is not only known for its artistic sculptures or capital of fashion but is also known for its unique and rich culinary arts, a master in processing and creating good food. Learn about the most famous delicacies in Italy.



This dish is often remembered with crispy fried round balls, stuffed with minced meat, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and peas. Like pizza or spaghetti, arancini has a variety of spicy versions in different regions of Italy. Based on local ingredients, it will be very interesting.



This is a popular dish all over the world, and speaking of Pizza, people think of Italy. This famous Italian delicacy is made from flour and then grilled with spices, tomato sauce, and cheese. After a day of walking around to enjoy Pizza in a restaurant and watching Italy at night was great.



Soup Minestrone is a soup made from a variety of Italian ingredients. This dish is usually eaten much in summer, processed with fresh vegetables, pasta or rice. It can be eaten hot or cold so you can choose to enjoy your taste.



Lasagna is a type of pasta in the form of sheets or leaves, with the main ingredients being meat, sauce, cheese and lasagna leaves. In different regions of Italy, there will be a way to prepare different sauces, sauces can be made from tomatoes and Ragu. Especially in Northern Italy, Bechamel sauce is widely used.



As a typical dish of Tuscan cuisine, Panzanella is also called "Cucina Povera". Panzanella is a wonderful combination of freshly picked ripe tomatoes, cucumber, fresh basil mixed with small pieces of bread, olive oil, and vinegar. This dish is very easy to eat and not fat so it is suitable for all of you, remember to enjoy it.



Rissoto with asparagus is one of the typical rice dishes of Italy with the careful selection of ingredients. Rice used to cook certain rice must be white, soft Arborio rice, then combined with white wine, Broth oil, onion, butter, cheese, pepper and of course indispensable asparagus for the dish to become more perfect. Rissoto with asparagus is usually served when it is hot to feel the greatness that the dish brings to diners.



Cuccidati is a cake originating from the Sicily island of Italy with a unique and eye-catching way of making cakes. The beautiful little cakes are covered on a layer of colorful beads, which makes this Cuccidati cake so attractive. The filling is sweet with raisins, chocolate, apricot jam, cinnamon powder and a bit of Rum wine mixed together to create a different flavor. You can also choose this cake as a gift for your family and friends after your trip.

By: Mithrine Smith

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