8 classic delicacies of Slovenian cuisine

Slovenia is famous for many charming beaches along the Mediterranean, immense fields and Slovenian cuisine is also what makes visitors fascinated.


Slovenian cuisine has interference with many countries in the region such as noodles, sausages from Austria, beef stew from Hungary. However, the cuisine in Slovenia was dissolved. From this culinary interference has created typical dishes such as Krainer sausages, grilled fish, pizza, and Burek cake. When you come to Slovenia, you must definitely enjoy these delicious dishes. 

Buckwheat porridge Ajdovi žganci


Buckwheat porridge is food that Slovenian people can use at any time. This dish is made from the main ingredient is buckwheat flour. People add sauerkraut, meat sauce, sausages or black pudding when using porridge. Buckwheat porridge is a favorite dish of Slovenian people, and visitors here can not ignore this attractive porridge.

Goulash soup


This is a fairly typical dish in Slovenian cuisine. The ingredients of this dish include beef, potatoes, spices, bell peppers, onions. When using soup people often eat with boiled potatoes, bread or polenta.

Krainer sausage


Sausage is actually a very controversial dish about its true origin, the Austrian thought that it came from the first Austrian called Keaese Krainer. However, Slovenian people believe that the sausage comes from Kranjska (northern Slovenia) from the 19th century. Despite the controversy, but it cannot be denied that sausages are one of the attractive dishes for tourists in Slovenian cuisine.

Grilled fish


One thing perhaps few tourists know is that grilled fish is a traditional specialty of the people of Slovenia. Fish is baked until the skin is golden and crispy, served with spinach, potatoes and a little white wine, surely, the taste of the dish will make you remember forever.

Burek Cake


This famous Slovenian cuisine cake will make visitors fall in love immediately when tasting. Its traditional filling includes cheese and meat, in addition to a rather attractive variation is the cabbage with sausage. In Slovenia, visitors can buy Burek cakes in the street shops because the cake is very popular.

Gibanica Cake


This is also a traditional type of cake of Slovenia. This cake is made from flour, cheese, and fragrant poppy seeds. After baking, a charming aroma will spread, making visitors irresistible.



Although Slovenia is not the home of pizza, when traveling in most tourists want to taste pizza in this beautiful country. Pizza in Slovenia is made with quite large sizes. The filling is quite diverse with seafood and meats.

Kremna Rezina cake


Kremna Rezina cake originated in a western town of Slovenia, later improved and popular throughout the country. A perfect Kremna Rezina cake has a very thin, crispy but not cracked flour layer and a yellow custard layer, which will give visitors an unforgettable taste.

By: Mithrine Smith

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