9 strange delicacies in Egypt you must try once

Coming to Egypt and enjoying the cuisine here, you will find it a mixture of all different civilizations.

Ful medames


Ful medames is a great combination of fava beans with spices and olive oil to make the dish more attractive and delicious. Ful medames is often served with Pita bread or with eggs at every breakfast and is also considered one of the most delicious dishes to try in Egypt.



Koshari is a famous fast food in the Cairo capital of Egypt. It is a great combination of pasta, rice, beans like lentils, green beans and caramel. When this mixture is cooked, it will be covered on its surface with a layer of Koshari sauce.

Dawood Basha


The main raw material of Dawood Basha is small minced meat with coriander, and onion then will be rounded and brought to fry well. After the meat has been fried, add tomato sauce to it and cook for a few more minutes so that the meat is soaked in the sauce. This dish is usually served with rice and decorated with roasted pine nuts for an eye-catching look.

Karkadeh - Hibiscus tea


Karkadeh is hibiscus tea, a rather strange drink for people of many countries in the world that you must definitely enjoy. People use red hibiscus to boil with water to create red tea. After letting the water cool, add a little sugar to create a sweet and sour tea that is easy to drink.  This tea is also good for people with high blood pressure and provides a lot of vitamin C, minerals that help the body relax and comfort.

Umm Ali


Umm Ali is a type of bread soaked in milk, sprinkled with dry nuts such as grapes or almonds and then put into an oven until the surface of the cake turns golden brown. When enjoying Umm Ali cake, you will feel the softness of bread in the flavor of milk.

Aish Baladi


As a familiar Egyptian food at every meal, bread is an important and meaningful ingredient in the life of the people here. Visitors can easily find Aish Baladi cakes everywhere in Egypt's streets.



If you are a vegetarian, do not ignore Taameya. The main ingredient to make it is bean flour mixed with spices then molded into small round cakes similar to donuts and fried until the cake turns yellow. Taameya cakes are often eaten with raw vegetables and Tahini sauce. This cake is popularly sold in shops or in street vendors in Egypt.



The main ingredients for making Mouloukhiya soup are meats such as chicken or rabbit meat combined with coriander and garlic. Then, the mix is stewed for hours and eaten with white rice.

Hamam Mahshi


Hamam Mahshi is also a strange delicacy that you must definitely enjoy. Pigeons stuffed with rice or wheat are then fried. This dish is sold all over Egypt from the entrance to the old market Khan el Khalili to luxurious high-class restaurants.

By: Gitta Russell

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