9 super huge dishes for cuisine fans around the world

At restaurants, famous chefs often want to challenge themselves by making super-huge dishes.

Black burgers in the town of Epsom, UK


If you're looking to get a whole week's worth of calories at a meal, head to Epsom town in the UK. Here you will enjoy black burgers with nearly 18,000 calories. This is considered the largest burger in the UK, challenging even the most powerful eaters. The burger includes minced beef, nine slices of cheese, nine pieces of bacon, salads and three tomatoes. The total weight of the burger is up to nearly 7kg. And yet, this serving also includes chips. If you want to enjoy this super huge dish, you have to book in advance for $ 50.

Donuts in Texas, USA


If eating 12 donuts at once seems a bit too much, why not eat a giant donut equivalent to 12 small ones. That's how the Texas donut shop serves customers 35cm long donuts. Diners must have help from the waiters because the donut is both long and heavy. In addition, this bakery still produces normal sized donuts. 

Tacos in Lille, France


In Lille city, diners will have the opportunity to enjoy a taco filled with meat including ground beef, chicken, sausage and chicken pies, all wrapped in six layers of tortillas (flatbread made from corn or wheat flour originating from Mexico and South American countries). Most powerful people often try to eat this dish in two hours. If successful, you will be awarded an honorable position on the wall and have the opportunity to tell your friends. This super huge dish is really delicious and worth a try.

Lavo cake in Nevada, USA


This super huge dish is like a strawberry skyscraper with huge slices of biscuits, whipped cream and lots of strawberries. Lavo cake is a perfect dessert to satisfy the sweet soul.

Steak at Yasmine restaurant in Shanghai, China


Come to Yasmine restaurant to enjoy Porterhouse steak weighing nearly 2kg. It is served with mashed potatoes, spinach in cream sauce and bread. For $ 145, if you run out of food then you're free of soft drinks.

Pizza at Big Mama's and Papa's restaurant, California, USA


True to the name of the restaurant, Big Mama’s and Papa’s serves diners the giant pizza at the size of 1.3 m x 1.3 m. The giant pizza is cut into 200 slices and costs $ 250. This super huge dish is for about 70 people to eat.

Giant cookies at Blondies Kitchen, London, UK


If you have ever seen a cookie at the size of a pizza, then don't miss the Blondies Kitchen in London. The chef here felt that making ordinary-sized cookies was too boring. The cake has a 30-cm-long sole, cut into 8 pieces. the cookie is covered with Nutella chocolate sauce and peanut butter. 

Hotdog in Hahndorf town, Australia


If you intend to come to Australia in search of a super huge dish, do not miss the German hotdog cake in Hahndorf, Australia. The cake consists of a super long bratwurst sausage (German sausage) and German sauerkraut sandwiched in a long crispy bread, adding a plate of French fries. This hotdog cake costs $ 30.

Burrito in El Palacio, Arizona, USA


Burrito cake is 70cm long and weighs more than 2kg, lining up the whole table to serve a whole family. This super huge dish is actually a must-try Mexican dish, filled with chicken, pork, steak, vegetables, rice, beans covered with enchilada sauce and lots of cheese. 

By: Gitta Russell

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