Drinking coffee in the style of the Italians

Calling a cup of Cappuccino at noon is an odd thing for Italians.

The Italians usually start the morning with a cup of coffee and pastries at a small restaurant. Customers stand at the counter to drink, partly because a small espresso cup takes less than a minute to drink.


One particular thing is that shops can double the price of drinks if guests sit at the table. Coffee in the shops usually costs about one Euro, cheaper places cost about 0.8 Euro. If you go to luxurious places, its price will be 2 Euros. It is not mandatory to do so anywhere, but as a polite rule, it is better to go to the checkout, tell what you want to order and pay in advance. After that, keep the receipt, bring it to the bar and give it to the waiters. They will bring you a cup of coffee as you requested.


For the people here, you will surprise them if you order a cup of Cappuccino at noon because coffee is usually used only in the morning. On the origin of this habit, some people explain that Cappuccino causes digestive disorder in the afternoon. Some claim that because foam and cream in Cappuccino are considered a substitute for a meal. Therefore, when you want to drink Cappuccino, it is better if you use it in the morning.


Italian coffee is made in a precise way to have the strongest aroma and flavor. In Italy, arabica seeds are commonly used in coffee blending, sometimes robusta seeds are also mixed to make a cup of stronger espresso. Seeds are carefully roasted until dark brown, then cooled. The cafes here are always noisy because the seeds are ground just before composting to ensure the best taste, not to mention the sound of the cups and milk steamers all day.


To enjoy the Italian culture of coffee, you should visit the café in the famous cities of Italy such as Milan, Venice or Rome. One of the famous cafes is Florian Venice. The café is located below the gate in San Marco square in Venice city, opened from 1720. Today it becomes a symbol of the city that visitors here want to come.

When you come to Milan, you can visit Taveggia. With Art Deco furniture, this is a cafe reminiscent of an ancient Milan. Taveggia is the ideal place to enjoy coffee and pastries in the morning or afternoon. In addition to enjoying the cafes, visitors can walk and visit the famous Italian architecture such as Pisa leaning tower, Roman arena or many architectural monuments in Rome city.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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