Dutch cuisine touching every soul of diners

If you are a person who likes to enjoy delicious dishes, you should visit the Netherlands once to enjoy its cuisine and do not hesitate to go right this summer.



Stamppot is a popular and popular dish spread to many countries around the world. This traditional dish of the Netherlands is quite simple, easy to implement, nutritious and extremely delicious. Stamppot includes mashed potatoes, vegetables, sometimes with bacon or sausages depending on taste.



When it comes to the dishes you have to try when you come to the Netherlands, cheese is something you should not miss the first meal of Dutch cuisine. As a famous and quite popular dish in the Netherlands, not only the local people love but also tourists extremely want to enjoy many times. If you love this dish, you should not ignore the cheese markets in Alkmaar or Hoorn, participate in the festivals and enjoy hundreds of different cheeses.



Dutch bread also has a very impressive style of bread making, which is a unique blend of spices and nuts to create different types of bread. Thus, it is also the unique characteristic that makes diners go to European tours to not forget the Dutch bread, as soon as all Europe has many other famous loaves of bread.



Hutspot is a traditional and proud dish in Dutch cuisine. Any visitors who come to this beautiful country are introduced to Hutspot to enjoy. This dish is simply with small mashed potatoes, carrots, onions and minced beef but extremely attractive. There is no reason why you should not try to enjoy it to see how delicious it is.



Oliebollen cake is an indispensable cake in the New Year party of the Dutch people. The cake is made from flour made of bread crust with the inside is of fruits or nuts like apples, pineapples, grapes or almonds. The cakes after being molded and shaped will be fried in grease-covered pans. Oliebollen cake is a Dutch faith in a lucky and happy year, so it is a message and an annual habit that anyone busy to come home gathers on December 31 afternoon to eat Oliebollen cakes waiting for the New Year.



Stroopwafel is a very sweet dish in the Netherlands and if you are a favorite of sweet, don't miss this dish when you come here. This dish is simply 2 pieces of thin waffles that are put together by a sweet syrup. This cake must be eaten immediately when it is hot to feel the crisp taste of the waffles outside.



Kibbeling is an extremely attractive dish made from fish in the Netherlands. Fish will be cleaned, filtered out of bones and flesh like Herring fish but instead of eating raw, fish will be fried in a hot oil pan so that when ripe, it will be yellow and crispy and served with sauce and lemon. This dish must be eaten while still hot and sometimes served with white rice.

By: Jonath Martin

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