Enjoy Montreal cuisine when in Canada

Montreal - Canada's second most populous city attracts tourists by its peaceful scenery, unique culture, and diverse cuisine.



Beaver Tails is an indispensable dish when it comes to Montreal cuisine. This is a kind of pastry made from wheat flour, then fried like a regular Donut cake. However, Beaver Tails' shape breaks every pattern of a regular Donut cake - the ring with a round hole in the middle. Instead, the cake is flat without a hole on it. The baker will mold this cake so that the tail of the beaver from the sea.

After being fried, the cake will be covered with a rich layer of butter or fresh jams, chocolate and fruit or even small candies. When you enjoy, you will feel the crispness outside and the softness inside the cake, blending with the fresh sweetness of the topping.



Bacon dishes have created a name and a unique mark for Montreal thanks to its distinctive flavor and meticulous processing. In fact, there are bacon dishes everywhere in Canada, but in Montreal, the processing is a bit different. When processing, they often let the breast meat be marinated longer, add pepper and reduce sugar.

When enjoying it, people often eat rye bread and yellow mustard with this dish. With the marinated meat and the taste of smoke will definitely make you feel more excited with the dish. Especially, Montreal bacon is very soft, so when you put the meat in your mouth, you will feel the melting taste right on your tongue.



Cocktail Caesar is a combination of Vodka, Clamato juice - Clam and tomato (a mixture of tomato juice and oyster soup), a little spicy sauce (chili sauce or pepper sauce) and Worcestershire sauce. When served, this cocktail will be placed in a glass with a salt celery stalk and lemon slices. If you have a chance to go to Montreal, do not forget a restaurant and taste the famous Caesar cocktail, surely you will love this taste.



Bagel is a round loaf of Montreal, Canada, famous all over the world for its unique flavor. There are cake shops here that have existed for hundreds of years, along with a special style of making cakes, which are kept carefully and secretly by store owners.

Bagel is made mainly from familiar ingredients such as wheat flour, malt, honey, eggs, and yeast, etc. However, the ratio of mixing raw materials is the secret to create the typical flavor of the cake. Powder after kneading will be soaked in hot honey and baked with some additives such as raisins, cinnamon, and black sesame seeds. If you have the opportunity to come to Montreal, you can easily find this bread everywhere.



This dish was originally created by sailors. Fish and brewis is the perfect combination of salt cod and bread. First, people will soak the hard bread slices in the water until they soften. Fish will also be soaked in water to reduce the amount of salt inside the fish. Then all are boiled and then mixed together with the fried lard. If you don't like greasy pieces, you only need to use butter.

By: Gitta Russell

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