Explore the interesting dining style of Russians

The Russian style of eating has a big difference from many countries around the world.

Russians often choose food very much. They have no concept of eating less or abstaining from anything. For the Russians, eating is to be comfortable, to be full and be a quality meal.


If a British person invites you to drink tea, you will surely receive a small cup of delicious tea with a few small biscuits. However, if you are invited to drink tea by the Russians, you do not eat anything before because it is not simply drinking tea but you will have to eat a lot of food on the table.

For the Russians, they fear most when guests come to their house and eat all the food on the table. They think that the guests still feel hungry and want to eat again. Therefore, it is more suitable when you should eat a little leftover food in the bowl or on the table. It signifies that you are full and cannot eat anymore.

Favorite dishes

One of the most favorite dishes in Russia is porridge which is an indispensable dish in daily meals. In the Russian style of eating, porridge needs to be cooked from cereals, so it is delicious and nutritious. In dishes from porridge, buckwheat porridge is the most favorite dish. Porridge with extra milk inside is extremely popular because they like to add milk to all their dishes. Besides, Kasha porridge is one of the most sacred dishes of the Russians because it is likened to their mother.


Bread is also one of the most popular dishes of Russians today. They like the table with thick slices of bread.

How to divide meals in the day

If you book a flight to Russia, you will surely be surprised by the division of Russian meals. They also have 3 meals a day but they never follow meals with such a schedule. According to the Russian style of eating, it is not only simple to have 3 meals a day, and they can eat more meals during the day including snacks.


At breakfast, Russians often eat bread, pasta with cereals and drink tea. For them, a cup of tea must be big and indispensable in meals. The bread that the Russians choose is sandwich, which is the perfect bread for breakfast because Russians do not have time to make different dishes.


The Russians eat the most at lunch. They like to enjoy soup. Lunch without soup is not called lunch. Different from the soup in other countries put in small bowls, the bowl of Russian soup must be large. In addition to the main ingredients of soup such as radish, corn, potatoes, carrots, and slices of meat, ice cream is added in the soup.

Russian dinners are quite similar to lunch. The main difference is that it doesn't have soup. If before going to sleep, the Russians fell still hungry, they will not be afraid to enjoy a few more dishes or choose a snack. For them, going to bed with an empty stomach is guilty to God.

By: Grace White

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