Pelmeni: a happiness symbol of Russia

Small and lovely Pelmeni dumplings are the dish with the meaning of happiness and luck for the Russians.

Pelmeni has long been known as a dish that symbolizes the happiness of the Russian people. Pelmeni is small, simple but delicious at a very affordable price, so it is praised by many tourists when exploring Russian cuisine. If you have the opportunity to visit Russia, you should not forget to try Pelmeni dumplings to discover the uniqueness of this traditional dish and partly feel the subtlety of Russian cuisine.


The dish with the symbol of happiness may have to be prepared or used a unique recipe, but this Pelmine dumpling is the exact opposite. With a simple method of kneading the dough and then adding the meat and onions into it, you create delicious dumplings. The dumplings after being successfully molded will be dropped into the pot of chicken soup and boiled. The soft, sweet taste of the dumplings blend in the rich meat to create a dish that will stir anyone's soul from the first time to enjoy it.


According to the records, Pelmeni was popularly used by Russians during long hunting trips. Pelmeni was chosen because this dish could freeze for a long time without losing quality and taste, as well as not being damaged quickly. When people needed to eat, people just boiled water and added Pelmeni until it was hot and ready to use.


To these days, this tradition is still maintained. Many Russian families make thousands of Pelmeni dumplings and put them in the freezer to use gradually and save time cooking. Russia is temperate, so its winters are long and cold, making dishes like Pelmeni a familiar face on the family's dining tables. The delicious taste and warmth of the Pelmeni dumplings help dispel the cold and hunger, it brings great feelings to eaters.


Pelmeni of Russia is considered a happy cake because each batch of cake, the cake maker will put a coin or a button on a cake. If anyone is lucky enough to eat the one that contains the "strange object" then that person will get a lot of happiness. The meaning of items hidden in Pelmeni is not fixed but can vary depending on what the item is. For example, the vegetable filling will mean joy or the chili filling will show the coming love, or a coin inside will symbolize wealth and affluence.


For Russians, this cake is especially important in their cultural and spiritual life. According to the Russians, if you dream that you are sitting at a table with many Pelmeni dumplings, this is an omen that you will meet your loved ones. This is a good point and feels happy to have this dream. However, if you dream that you are molding cakes, it means that you are gradually lacking emotional bonds between family members. Additionally, if a Russian girl dreams that they make this cake unsuccessfully, this is an omen for love trouble.


Pelmeni is not just a cake, it is also a cake that symbolizes the happiness of the Russians, bringing the typical beauty of the country and people of Russia. If you have the opportunity to travel to this country, do not forget to enjoy the Pelmeni dumplings to discover the unexpected beauty hidden inside.

By: Roxana Edwards

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