The eccentric eating habits of billionaires

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk are three of the billionaires with different eating habits from ordinary people.


Jeff Bezos, Amazon's chief executive, said he avoided early morning meetings to have time to enjoy a healthy breakfast, without greasy fast food on the table. Morning is also the time for Mackenzie and 4 children. However, the situation may change slightly after the couple divorced.


At a meeting with a company that Amazon acquired, Bezos requested breakfast with Mediterranean octopus, potatoes, bacon, green garlic yogurt, and boiled eggs. Later, he used his breakfast as a metaphor for Amazon's business strategy: "You are the octopus I use for breakfast. When I look at the menu, you're something I don't understand. , what I've never had, so I need to eat it."


Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, said he liked Diet Coke to the point that he could drink 3-4 cans/day. "The number of cans I drink every year can weigh up to nearly 16 kg," he wrote in 2014. But, in fact, Gates' eating habits are not good. He said he always started the day with cocoa drinks, but his wife said Gates gave up breakfast.


Joe Cerrell, managing director at Gates Foundation, said no matter who he went to eat with, he always wanted to eat a cheeseburger during lunch. "If you have lunch with Bill (Gates), the dish will be the burger. He always asks someone to get food at McDonald's. I don't think Melinda let him eat these things at home," Cerrell told Telegraph in 2016.


The late Steve Jobs was known to be an odd habit of eating. Apple co-founders sometimes only ate 1-2 types of food for weeks. Sometimes, he only ate apples and carrots. Other times, he ate fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains.


Jobs thought that a vegan diet made him have no body odor. This means that he didn’t need deodorizing or bathing regularly.


For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, breakfast is not something he can hardly choose. Zuckerberg will eat whatever he feels good that day because he doesn't want to waste time on small decisions. However, that doesn't mean Zuckerberg doesn't have fancy meals. In 2011, Facebook executive initiated a "challenge" to eat only meat from animals he himself operated on, including chickens, goats, pigs, and lobsters.


Zuckerberg did not hesitate to share the dish made from the animals he operated with his friends and guests. He invited Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to enjoy chilled goat meat. Dorsey said he was quite shy and awkward with a dinner salad.


In 2012, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared that his daily breakfast was two boiled eggs with soy sauce. Dorsey used to be a vegan. However, eating too many orange-colored vegetables and tubers caused his skin to change color. In 2013, he followed a new diet, did not eat refined sugar, processed cereals and foods.


Recently, Dorsey started fasting. In January, on his personal page, he said he had not eaten anything for 22 hours a day and sometimes went on a hunger strike all day. "The biggest thing I realized is that time slowed down. The day seemed longer when not being divided into breakfast, lunch, and dinner," said Dorsey.


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, doesn't often eat breakfast. However, if there is, he will eat a Mars candy bar, the appropriate dish for the man trying to set foot on the red planet. "I am trying to reduce sweet food and I should have eaten omelet eggs and drunk coffee".


For Musk, lunch is not as important as breakfast. He eats anything the assistant brings in just 5 minutes. Instead, Musk focuses on dinner. In 2015, he shared his favorite dishes including BBQ and French cuisine.

By: Roxana Edwards

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