3 lucky people who survived HIV/AIDS

On July 24, scientists confirmed that a South African girl had recovered from HIV/ AIDS. She is the 3rd person to survive the disease.

Since 1981, about 39 million people have died of AIDS. Researchers have not found any absolute treatments for this disease; however, among millions struggling patients in all over the world, a few magical cases have happened.

Ending up healthy after 08 years suffering from HIV

It was reported by CNN that a South American little girl was diagnosed with HIV when she was only 01 month old. The girl was treated with ARV in 40 weeks, and her health was regularly examined after having finished the treatment. Her blood test carried out at the end of 2015 was incredible as the HIV from extremely high concentration in the beginning dramatically reduced by approximately zero!

In eight years living with HIV, the girl’s health was totally normal. Researchers indicated that the virus found in her immune system did not have the ability to perform duplication. Also, gene mutation was not detected, so it was assumed that the South African girl recovered from HIV thanks to prompt cures.

The third HIV survivor in the world has been confirmed. Source: CNN

Researchers hope that early treatments applied right after the infections do have the ability to activate the functional cure in the body to control HIV’s development so that patients can live healthily in the long term. Meanwhile, scientists are devotedly looking for an absolute cure for HIV/ AIDS aside from chronic treatments todays.

The Berlin patient

Previously, Timothy Ray Brown, 46, born in Settle, Washington D.C., was reported to be the very first person to survive HIV.

Timothy Ray Brown, also called “Berlin patient” was diagnosed with HIV in 1995 when he was about to enter a university in Berlin, Germany. After 11 years co-living with the virus, in 2006, Brown’s health got worse and the man discovered that his illness developed into acute myeloid leukemia.

Timothy Ray Brown became the very first HIV survivor in the world. Source: Npr

Brown, then, had two bone marrow transplants which were supposed to renew his immune system infected by HIV. In 2008, Brown spent most of his time staying in hospital. After a series of examinations, doctors detected no HIV in his blood. Up to now, researchers have not found any exact explanations for Timothy Ray Brown's recovery.

First infant to beat HIV

According to National Post, in 2013, a baby girl born in Mississippi suffered from mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The little girl was cured with antiviral drugs within 30 hours after birth. The concentration of virus declined. 29 days after the treatment, the doctors confirmed that they did not detect the virus.

The treatment lasted in 18 months, but it was interrupted by the mother. After 10 months, the baby’s health was checked again and magically, the virus was confirmed to be totally eliminated. This was the second patient and the very first child in the world successfully cured from HIV.

By: Chris Stewart

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