10 ‘super capacities’ of the newborn

Infants have amazing capacities that we often do not recognize. These super capacities will go away as the child grows older.

Infants know how to swim and dive


This ability is called diving reflex and will disappear when the baby is about 6 months old. When a baby less than six months dips in water, he or she will naturally hold a breath and the limbs will naturally learn how to swim.

Infants do not cry


It sounds weird, especially when your baby cried all day long. But in fact, she is just screaming and moaning, not crying. This happens because the tear ducts of the newborn are not fully developed. At this time, tear ducts are only capable of moistening the eyes but not able to tear. This may take place from the first 3 to 12 weeks of the child. After that, tears begin to develop fully and children are able to cry really.

Babies can swallow and breathe at the same time


Newborns can swallow and breathe easily. This ability will disappear at about 9 months of age.

Infants can sneeze continuously


Nasal route is much narrower than in adults. Therefore, they need to be cleaned more often.

Because children do not know how to blow their nose, they must use unconditional reflex sneeze. Babies can sneeze continuously until the nose is well ventilated.

Infants can sleep despite of noise


Many people think that when a newborn sleeps, it should be quiet. But really, the newborn can sleep despite of the noise.

Infants cry in native accent


The scientists found that infants, although they can not yet speaking, they cry in native accents. Maybe while in the womb, she/he listened to the voices of her mother and people around her/him.

Newborns know how to crawl


Surprisingly, a newly born baby was able to crawl to her/ his mother’s breast when placed on her/his mother. According to scientists, infants are fascinated by the smell of breast milk.

Infants are very flexible


The skull of an infant has about 300 bones. Gradually, the bones will grow up and form into a mass. However, before the bones join together, the infant's body is very flexible. This natural characteristic is essential for the baby to pass through the mother's birth.

Eye color and hair style of babies change a lot


Babies' hair can change completely. Yellow hair can turn into black, curly hair can be replaced with straight hair. Sometimes the eye color is the same.

Body weight of baby increases rapidly


Your baby's body weight can be tripled without fat. In the first year, the baby's body grows very fast. During this period, your baby's weight can be tripled but not affect the body because all parts of body are growing up very fast.

By: Gitta Russell

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