6 helpful tips to drink water of the Japanese

You can follow some Japanese people’s useful tips to drink water in effective ways to protect your health and maintain smooth and youthful skin.

So far, drinking water has been considered as a great secret in order to maintain people’s beauty and health. Drinking plenty of water is essential, but it is not enough to achieve optimal results. Therefore, the way individuals drinking water properly and enough is highly questionable?


It is reported that drinking water is an important key to staying hydrated and healthy. Japanese people are famous for many good habits to protect their health. In particular, drinking water is clearly planned by Japanese people. The effective way of drinking water is not simply drinking 2 liters of water per day. The secrets of quantitative water intake and the time of the Japanese drinking water are also helpful in preventing some diseases. Here are several practical ways to help you water properly, according to Japanese people:

1. After waking up in the morning, you should take a total of 640ml of water being divided into 4 cups, and then you can drink slowly each cup with160ml of water. Drinking water right when you wake up will help you rehydrate after going all night without any liquids.

2. After drinking 640ml of water, you can brush your teeth. You should remember that you do not eat anything wthin 45 minutes.

3. After 45 minutes, you can enjoy your good breakfast.

4. Before enjoying breakfast for 30 minutes (or lunch and dinner), you can drink 1 cup of water.

5. After enjoying breakfast (or lunch, dinner), you should do not drink water for 45 minutes.

6. You can continue drinking plenty of water.


Maintaining Japanese people’s effective ways of drinking water on the following schedule, you will receive positive signs for some diseases such as:

- High blood pressure: 30 days

- Gastrointestinal disease: 10 days

- Diabetes: 30 days

- Constipation: 10 days

- Cancer: 180 days

- Tuberculosis: 90 days

In addition, this method of drinking water also helps you have a good health and smooth and youthful skin. Because after one night, toxins will accumulate gradually in the liver, and kidneys. Drinking a glass full of water will help you remove all the toxins, and help you start the day in the most healthy and refreshing way. Additionally, when the stomach is empty, drinking water helps stimulate the digestive tract, which improves gastrointestinal disorders, and makes you increase appetite.

You should try above tips in one month and you can feel some positive changes from your body!


By: Samanthan Lane

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