Bad habits harming your eyes

There are some things you do every single day without knowing that those habits put your eyes in danger.

Let’s check whether you are making these mistakes or not. If the answer is “YES”, it is about time you had your living habit adjusted.

Looking at electronic screens continuously for hours

A recent survey has concluded that about 60% of participants admit that they usually sit in front of computer screens for several hours without having their eyes relaxed. The truth is, the screen itself or short distance between your eyes and the screens have nearly no negative impacts on the eyes, but looking at the screen for too long does matter.

According to scientists, sitting in front of the computers or laptops, we tend to lessen the frequency of blinking, leading to dry eyes. Therefore, do not forget to wet your eyes by blinking frequently or using artificial tears.

A number of factors can hurt the “window to the soul”. Source: Essilor Australia

Not cleaning the eyes before going to bed

Right before you go to sleep (even at the moment you get home or when you are not about to put on makeup), no matter how busy and exhausted you are, do not forget to clean your eyes. Let’s follow these steps:

_ Make sure that the water is not contaminated.

_ Wet a tissue or towel and gently clean the eyes.

_ Do not use the same tissue or towel for both eyes so as to get rid of infection in case one eye is unhealthy.

_ For the eyelids, stand in front of a mirror and use cotton swabs to clean. Remember not to touch the conjunctivae.

Taking care of your eyes can really help you avoid annoying diseases like conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

Not wearing sunglasses

Blazing sun can seriously hurt the eyes. However, only 36% of participants answering the survey know that not only are sunglasses a kind of accessory, but they are also the eyes’ protectors. Wearing sunglasses helps you see better under the sun and protects your eyes from harmful rays.

You are enjoying your vacation at a beautiful beach? Don’t forget to bring a pair of sunglasses. Source: Panamericanodeojos

Unbalanced living habit

Not only for the eyes, but an unhealthy living habit surely harms other organs like heart, liver or lungs, etc. 70% of general practitioners believe that smoking is the main cause of eye diseases. Drinking alcohol and lacking nutrients also negatively affect your eyes.

It is advisable that you eat more nutritious foods like blueberries, vegetables, fruits and fish oil. Additionally, you are highly recommended to have regular appointments with doctors to have your eyes checked to make sure that they are under good conditions.

By: Chris Stewart

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