Unexpected benefits of cherries

Cherries have been shown to be some of the healthiest foods on the planet, which gives you many health benefits that you do not know about.

1. Extremely high in vitamin A

High levels of vitamin A are one of the greatest benefits of cherries. In addition, cherries contain beta carotene - this particular vitamin is very beneficial for your immune system, eyesight and skin.

2. Help you get a deeper sleep


Cherry will help you improve sleep disorders because they contain melatonin to help regulate sleep. Therefore, eating cherries will help you have a deep sleep. Thus, a glass of cherry juice before going to sleep will help you have a good sleep.

3. Boost your brainpower

Cherry is known to be good for the brain because they contain antioxidants anthocyanin. This is another reason why you should not miss this wonderful fruit.

4. Prevent inflammatory

Cherry fruit with anti-inflammatory properties will be very beneficial for athletes and runners suffering pain, or people with arthritis. If you also have the same situation, drink cherry juice 3 times a day.

5. Prevent cancer

Cherry can help you prevent cancer because they contain antioxidants that block free radicals from causing damage to cells.

6. Good for a healthy heart


There are many risk factors that lead to heart disease and cherries have the effect of reducing all these risks.

7. Prevent diabetes

Cherry helps reduce the risk of diabetes because anthocyanin increases the production of insulin. Therefore, you should change your diet and avoid eating too much sugar. Cherry fruit is a food you need to add to their menu. In addition, diabetes patients can choose cherries as a snack, as the glycemic index of this fruit is much lower than that of some other fruits.

8. Skyrocket your energy levels

Cherry fruit contains vitamin C, which helps reduce inflammation and may be useful as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of gout and other types of arthritis, according to Robert Shmerling, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess. Although cherry juice can not help you cure gout, however, a glass of cherry juice will help you reduce some of the disease’s symptoms. However, he noted that if you eat two servings of cherry fruit each day like those involving in the medical research, you will consume 180 calories per day. If you do not change anything else in your diet program or exercise, the calories will lead to weight gain of about 1 to 0.5 pounds per month. This is also one of the fruits that help you get rid of bad cholesterol levels in the body.


By: Hilary Brown

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