Warning: Breaking up with boyfriend is killing your body

Sadness and low mood after relationships have observable impacts on your body.

Let’s find out what will happen to you when your relationship is broken!

1. Emotional insecurity and sleep disorders:


When a romance ends, trauma is something unavoidable. Gradually, emotional insecurity gets more and more serious. Scientists pointed out that a broken relationship has negative impacts on a specific region of the brain, and that is exactly the region stimulated when using cocaine. As you might have known, a stimulated brain easily brings about sleep disorders, which will negatively affect the health.

2. Headaches and breast pains:

Research findings have revealed that after breaking up with your boyfriends, your body has a tendency to receive a higher frequency of nerve impulse related to the pains. For example, when a part on your body is burned, the brains will naturally signal to your body. However, the body will abnormally fall into uncomfortable conditions then, including headaches and breast pains.

Being affected by trauma, the body’s operation is often unbalanced. In many cases, heart rhythm disorder or even heart attack have been confirmed.

3. Skin disorders:


Being in a low mood often makes you lose interest in taking care of yourself. Moreover, when stress hormones are stimulated, it leads to a bad skin. Acne and hair loss are popular symptoms after a broken romantic relationship.

4. Muscle aches:


On one hand, being in deep sorrow, you tend to be more careless than usual, and easily hurt yourself. On the other hand, when the stress escalates, muscle twitches might appear, resulting in irregular pains on different parts of the body.

5. Eating disorders:

Many people have been diagnosed with eating disorders after relationships. In the long run, this problem can make you gain weight. Due to the stress and emotional insecurity, the body is less sensitive to insulin, and so this peptide hormone will be produced with higher concentration, resulting in fat buildup.


From the angle of mentality, a broken heart usually causes insomnia, you will also have a tendency to lessen your physical activities. That is the reason why girls often put on some pounds when struggling against the fact that they are no longer in love. What is more, permanent stress can bring illnesses like digestive disorders including stomachaches or diarrhea.

In conclusion, to defend your body against those negative impacts, you are advised to have yourself physically and mentally prepared. Right after having said goodbye to your ex-boyfriend, let’s gain back the balance as soon as possible, otherwise, you will be shocked to see how frazzled you can be someday.

By: Chris Stewart

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