I can also accuse you.


A couple was on vacation at a fishing area. The husband liked to go fishing in the morning, the wife liked to read.

One day, the husband came back from fishing and wanted to take a nap. Although she was not used to the atmosphere on the lake, the wife still rowed out to enjoy the sunlight. She rowed away from a little, then stopped and continued reading.

Suddenly, a security guard approached. He stopped right next to her boat and asked:

- Helloi lady, what are you doing?

- I'm reading a book. - The woman replied.

- You are in an area where fishing is prohibited. - He reminded.

- I'm sorry sir, but I'm not fishing, I'm just reading books.

- But you have all the necessary tools you can fish at any time, I have to give you a ticket, lady.

- If you do that, I will sue you for sexual harassment. - The woman scolded.

- But I haven't even touched you yet.

- Yes, but you have all the necessary tools and you can start at any time.

By: Gitta Russell

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