Are you willing to forgive your enemies?


After preaching on altruism, the priest asked his parishioners who would be willing to forgive their enemy. About half of them raised their hands. Unsatisfied, he lectured another 20 minutes and asked the same question again. 80% of parishioners raised their hands. Being still not satisfied, he teached another 15 minutes and repeated the above question. Being eager about Sunday's wonderful lunch, all the people raised their hands except one old man.

- Mr. Jones, you are not willing to forgive the enemy?

- I have no enemies.

- That's strange. How old are you?

- Eighty-six.

- Mr. Jones, please come up here and let everyone know the secret for a person to live up to eighty-six years old without an enemy.

The old man steps forward and slowly turns around:

- Easy. It's just that I live longer than them.

By: Olivia Smith

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