How is romantic?

Do you really want me to call you "My fat pig"?


Sandra was a woman who loved romance and wanted her husband to always bring amazing joy. However, her husband Klein was an honest man who did not know what to do with his wife. That's why his wife often scolded him for being an idiot.

One time, Sandra complained to her husband: “The men around here all call their wives with very romantic and sweet names, but you don't know how to call me like that. You are such an idiot."

Klein just smiled and said: “Is that right? What do they call their wives? I have never heard of it before?”.

Sandra was even more exasperated, screaming: "So I tell you, listen carefully. My brother calls his wife "Round cake", our neighbor Angles calls his wife "Lovely Rose", my cousin calls his wife "Sweet Pizza", and my brother-in-law called his wife "My Diamond"... And you? You have never called me by such a romantic and sweet name."

Klein laughed and said, “Oh, if that's the case then Sandra, excuse me. It is true that I have never called you intimately, but it seems you have forgotten it. Your brother is a baker. Our neighbor Angles is a gardener, there are a lot of roses in his garden. Your cousin is the owner of a pizza restaurant, and your brother-in-law owns the gem shop. To be honest, they call their wives with very romantic names attached to their profession, but I can't call you like that.”

"Why not? You are an idiot! ”. The wife was even more angry.

Klein looked at his wife's massive body and sighed. "Sandra, do you still not understand? I am a pork butcher. Do you really want me to call you "My fat pig"?

By: Abigail Harris

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