How to ask women's age

After all, how old are they?


Tom was conducting a survey in a remote countryside. One day, he knocked on Donna's door:

- Hello, Donna, I'm conducting a small survey of the population here. Can you please tell me your age?

Donna refused and gave the reason that asking a woman's age is an extremely rude matter. After nearly 10 minutes of no results, Tom tiredly said:

- Dear Donna, please kindly cooperate with our survey. Everyone in this area did well except you.

Donna looked at Tom suspiciously:

- My neighbor – Ms. Hill told you her true age, didn’t she?

Tom nodded:

- Yes, Ms. Hill did.

Donna smiled:

- Well then, just take her age to fill my place. I and she are the same age.

Tom sighed with relief, taking the pen to fill the survey form: "Donna is the same age as all the other women in the area are."

By: Samantha Martinez

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