10 minor things that melt her heart

Giving her a prolonged kiss or offering her a few more seconds staying in your arms are much sweeter than simply saying “I love you!”

We are not about to mention such things like flowers or presents or intimidate acts as they are all manifest. Gentlemen usually tear their hair out trying to impress their lovers, but they do not know that women treasure minor things.

So, next time, if you want to show how burning your love is, try these following tips!

1. “My dear, tell me how your day was?”

That sounds nothing special but it is the way you show her that you really care about her. Ladies will contentedly smile if they know that they are devotedly cared by their guys who are willing to listen to them all the time.

She will be definitely contented if you listen to petty things about her

2. Open the door for her

Maybe you are truly in a relationship or even already married, not just going out on a date any more, but it does not mean that you do not need romantic acts to impress her. Remember that women are always charmed by gallant gentlemen, and it is important that you keep your marriage fresh.

3. A prolonged kiss and hug

You may not know that a prolonged deep kiss is much better than just saying “I love you”. Also, offering her to stay in your arms a little bit longer will absolutely help you win her heart. No lady can resist a man who loves to be with her as long as possible.

4. Listen to her

Customarily, listening carefully is a basic politeness, but it also reveals that you do care about the other one, which is not only loved by women but also highly appreciated by men.

5. Call her when texting becomes less interesting

If messaging is getting more and more... boring, do not let it be that way. You should pick up the phone and call her. A phone call does not need to be interesting and diverse in topics like messages. Just tell her that you love hearing her voice or you want to know if she is fine, that is enough to melt her heart.

6. Praise her

Offering someone compliments all the time seems to be a little bit annoying and artificial. However, “a man fall in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears”! Your girlfriend always wants you to confess what you love about her. It is really uncomplicated at all, just praise her hair, her dress or even the lipstick she is wearing, and you got her!

Women love to hear what make you crazy about her

7. Remember every single detail of a few previous talks

Your girlfriend or wife will be happily surprised if you re-mention what she has said before. This act proves that you do listen to and care about her.

8. Hold her hand

This sounds completely normal but quite many men forget to do it. Holding hand is a meaningful act showing that you are a lucky guy to have her, and you want other people to know your happiness. She cannot resist your charm for sure.

9. Sending her sweet messages

Do not assume that messages must be interesting or they should be something which are worth discussing. Take it easy and text her “miss you” or “have a nice day, my darling”. That’s it!

10. Unexpectedly tell her “I love you”

It is not so impressive if you say these words in romantic cases just like what you have seen on movies. Try claiming your love for her on the occasion of nothing. It is like when you are driving or watching TV with her, you tell her “I love you” out of the blue. You may not know but she is enjoying that little happiness.

By: Chris Stewart

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