Why do aliens not connect with humans?

The hypotheses are made in the case of aliens is real.

Along with the development of technology, humankind today has taken a long step in the journey to explore the universe. We are also aware that we are only a small grain of sand in the vast universe and ready to search for the existence of other life, creatures other than the planet, even outside the galaxy. However, aliens have never once connected with humans.


According to the Copernican principle, Earth observers are not the most special. The images observed by people on Earth in the universe can all be seen by other celestial bodies. If the Drake equation (equation describing the mathematical probability proposed by astronomer Frank Drake) is used to calculate, even with the most conservative variables, there will be about 10,000 civilizations in the galaxy can connect with us.


Many scientists believe that extraterrestrial life certainly exists in some remote place. It is only due to a number of reasons that we still cannot find any traces. It is assumed that aliens are real, so why haven't they ever visited us before? We have never even heard any sounds from the universe. To answer this question, scientists have conducted research and made 4 hypotheses pointing out why we were ignored by aliens.


Firstly, maybe aliens are not aware of the existence of the Earth. In the galaxy, the Earth is too small and located in the suburbs. Finding Earth in the universe is as difficult as finding a grain of sand on the seafloor, the success rate is as close to zero as possible. But because the distance is too far, so far the two sides can not connect with each other.


Secondly, aliens feel no need to connect with humans. In our impression, their science and technology are highly developed, it is easy to complete an interplanetary tour, completely higher than the current technology of humankind. Moreover, compared with the 13.8 million-year-old history of the universe, the age of the Earth since the birth of human civilization has been far too small. Our civilization is like a moment compared to the universe. Meanwhile, the civilization of aliens appeared long ago. It is possible that their technology level surpasses that of humans. Therefore, perhaps aliens think it is not necessary to learn from us.


Thirdly, their method of communication is different from ours. Currently, humans mainly use radio waves to receive information from the universe, while aliens are likely to use a different connection method from us. Thus, even though aliens have sent information all over the universe long ago, we cannot receive or understand it.


Finally, the human race is like an animal in a giant zoo of aliens. They always observe and study the way we survive, thrive, and try to avoid maximum exposure or involvement in our lives to achieve a certain purpose.

By: Kelly Jonas

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