8 things you learned after experiencing the first love

The first love taught us so many things that any psychological book can not be articulated, we ourselves have to undergo to understand deeply.

The concept of 'forever' is theoretical only


At first love, you also think that this is the only love of your life. We will be together as long as possible, giving each other a lot and trying to build up our relationship. A futuristic perspective is drawn in front of you with full of beautiful thoughts ahead. Finally, it is just hopes and the expectations of the new day to love each other. The future is impossible to predict. The story of each other forever can not happen, and that is the reality.

Best friend can become lover but no way back

Sometimes, you tell that, as if your best friend, who knows you better than other people is also your lover, then perhaps it is much simpler? From friendship led to love, which is familiar but also a little strange. But loving will definitely have the time to accidentally hurt each other because of trifles. Then, the heart wound becomes too much and heavy, so can it be said to retreat and desire to become best friends as before? Friendship leading the way to love is one way, no one can turn back.

Love can not come from one side


To start a relationship is not just the love from you that the person you love must also have a little bit of vibration, so the new relationship is likely to be sustained. You see in your first love, alone you bring your whole heart to that one, love her/him so passionately without caring to disadvantage. In the end, are you a person who has suffered so much injury? Love requires the contribution of both new people can be like the green tree that buds.

You do not define clearly what love is but you will understand it when you feel it

No one can define what love is exactly. Just when it suddenly arrives on a beautiful day, you suddenly vibrate in front of someone's eyes; feel refreshed, touched and missed, then probably you are in love. True love is vague, but it is only when we experience it that we understand how love is. The first love will definitely teach you that.

You do not hurt others but do not expect other people will not hurt you


There is no justice in this world. You respect him/her as well do not expect you will get back like that. This life that, the more hope is, the more disappointed you get. The person you love with all your passionate heart does not vibrate before you, which means he/she doesn’t love you. Do not think you are good with them and they will be sincere with you. This is how much heartache is forced to accept only.

Sharing is a habit that needs to be maintained day by day


Listening to and sharing with that one is one of the things that anyone needs to learn if they want to have a long lasting relationship and more to understand and sympathize for each other. You listen to him/her and he/she will also listen to you, so the distance between two people each day is shrunk a bit.

Tears do not solve the problem at all


Tears do not pull the person you love back to the first moments, the more can’t make things back to the same. Everything has already happened, do not use tears as a way to deal with the impossible problem. Crying like that just makes you ugly and tired. Does anyone still love you like that?

Learning to love yourself more


Finally, through all the stages of love know that you have to learn to love and cherish yourself a lot more. Others have the right to leave you, but you can’t lose yourself. Certainly, you can’t be self-abusive as well as you can’t cause to suffer more depression, you have to continue living and happiness as possible.

By: Gitta Russell

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