How single Italian girls find their husband

In Italy, the single girl chosen by lottery will win 800 Euros and a date with all the boys in the village to choose the one that best suits her.

Every year, the bachelor party takes place in two picturesque towns near Rome city. Medieval-dressed ladies take part in the special procession, walking through the maze of ancient tomb Etruscan, praying for the saints to help them find a partner.

Picture of single Italian girls in Medieval-clothing

Looking for the Miss

Their fate depends on luck. The names of single girls are stuffed in a rotating box and only one of the luckiest names is drawn, naming Miss Single. The lucky girl will receive 800 Euros and a date with all the boys in the village to choose the one that best suits her.

Finding the Miss by lottery

At Pozano Romano, about 40 km north of Rome, this often happens. The boys line up to look at the cute single girls. "The boys eagerly wait for the winner; they are crowded and become wild when announcing the name Miss. A disco club in Rome also invites us to celebrate the ladies," said Vice Mayor Umberto Mascioli.

"All the winning singles are married afterwards. The festival is a lucky omen and that is our goal: introduce girls looking for husbands and wake up bachelors more boldly."

After the Miss is chosen, the procession will begin through the gravel lined with gravel to honor Saint Nicholas - Santa Claus - the guardian of "girls of over marriageable age". Legend told that the Saint protected the girls from the wrath of a desperate father who forcibly sold them to earn money so the girls could not marry. Since then, the girls of over marriageable age have always begged Santa for a fiancée.

“It was funny when I won Miss Single. The whole town came before my balcony with a trumpet and drum to celebrate me. I feel like a corporate proposal," said Oriana Pace, a winning girl. "I became the focus of attention throughout the year and now have settled down with a good guy."

The bachelor party is an ancient tradition, held by churches many years ago. Then, this tradition fell into oblivion until the local authorities decided to restore it by investing money in the dowry section for the ladies.

How to use "dowry" to find a husband

Monks donate coin bags to selected unmarried women who need it as a magnet to attract future husbands. Oriana used her winning money to cheerfully go to clubs and stay in Tusinia. That is also a way to find a partner.


Fabiana Grizzi, another winning girl, uses bonuses to renovate her wardrobe. In particular, her family has traditionally won the singles festival. Her grandmother won the Miss 70 years.

Modern life helps women build their future without men. But before that, dowry was very important. No money, you would not have any guy to notice.

Although there are some changes, the sacred rules are still maintained today. Participants must be residents of the town, between the ages of 18 and 30, single and unmarried. In the past, they also had to be pure and innocent. Thanks to the festival celebrating single women, the shameful idea that no guy stands side by side you turned into the pride.

By: Oralie Smith

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