Keep being like this and you will never succeed!

The way you think has observable impacts on what you do. Let’s see if you are making these following mistakes which stop you from success.

You are talented, passionate and hard-working, but for some reasons your still end up with nothing to be proud of. It is possible that you are having these following things in your mind.

‘If something wrong happens...’

You have always dreamed of starting up to make your own business. You have had enough of the current boring job, so you want to walk on your own way, but you are afraid. That fear will forever keep you down unless you get over it.


Take a deep breath to ease your mind and point out exactly what you are afraid of. Then, learn to deal with it and face it, otherwise, you have to give up your dream!

‘That sounds good, but I’m not gonna do what he/she has recommended’

Many people understand that listening to experienced people is highly appreciated, but they do not turn those advices into actions. Literally, those people are pretending to be good listeners and good learners. Remember that listening does not make any visible changes. After listening, you should select the best advices for you and apply if you trust them.

You don’t know what you want and don’t have any specific plan

You are always obsessed by a load of questions like ‘What is really important to me?’, ‘What should I do to get what I want?’, ‘What are my goals?’, ‘What can I do to achieve those goals?’ This means you are getting lost in your own life. You cannot succeed if you are unsure about what you really want and what you have to do to achieve it.


It is advisable that you have a real and detailed plan, and move step by step to reach your goals.

You never assess or cannot evaluate what you have done

If you do not have a look back on what you have done, you will never know which level you are on and how to make self-improvement. As a matter of fact, success comes to progressive people only.

‘I’m the best!’

If you are always seeing yourself better than any other ones, you cannot make progress in your life. Even when you really are the best one, just go and find your true competitors to gain new treasurable experience. Besides, make yourself close to passionate and driven people, you will learn a lot from them, or at least they will inspire you with their positive attitude.

You are pessimistic and unconfident

Such thoughts like ‘I’m a loser’ or ‘I can’t do it’ will make you a real loser, not in your mind only. Before expecting other people to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself first.


A small tip for you is: Why don’t you try complimenting yourself when you accomplish something no matter how small or how big it is? You deserve compliments whenever you do something right. Gradually, this act will make you a more self-confident person.

‘Everything should be flawless, if not, I will fail’

You suppose that everything must be perfect for you to step forwards, if one thing goes wrong, you will give up right away. If so, it is high time you made a second thought. Pursuing perfectness will cause postponement. Postponement easily leads to breakdown. If something is not perfect, just deal with it and keep walking on your path.


‘Do you think I can really make it?’

Why do you assume that you need someone to make important decisions on your life and on the person that you want to be? Do not wait for permission. If you are making your dreams come true, just go head!

‘Going to the gym? Is it relevant?’

That sounds pretty funny, but it has been proved that people with great physical health are more determined than ones who never play sports or go to the gym. Basically, a person’s strong brawn is not granted, but he or she has to make a great effort to achieve it. In the long run, those people get used to being determined and persistent.

Mistakes might cause breakdowns, but that is not the only thing it brings you. Experience is priceless and it helps you avoid similar mistakes. Be loyal to your dreams and willing to fight for them. Sooner or later, you will be proud of yourself.

By: Chris Stewart

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