Living in harmony with nature helps you enjoy life more

Researchers have found that living in harmony with nature can significantly improve your physical and mental health.

When children participate in the activities of playing and jumping in the park, their health will tend to develop better. Most adults also know that nature is good for their health. That is why sometimes you should remove all pressure of life behind to spend time relaxing and being close to nature.

How long do you need to live in harmony with nature?

In a recent study, researchers surveyed more than 19,000 people in the UK who were close to nature in the past week, together with a self-reported health report. Results showed that those who spend at least 2 hours a week living in harmony with nature have improved their physical and mental health. The health benefits they received were similar to regular sports activities.


Although the difference is very small, only about 1%. However, one thing we need to be more concerned about is how living in harmony with nature can be as effective as walking or running fast in the park for 2 hours. Another study also showed that even if you spend less than 2 hours to be close to nature, you can get great health benefits. Typically, those who exercise for 5 minutes on a green campus can also help boost mood and confidence.


You can start with a simple task, such as walking for about 15 minutes in the green park. Patricia H. Hasbach - a psychotherapist in Oregon shared that it is not important how much time we spend in harmony with nature, but the important thing is the interaction and the relationship between the body and nature.


Some people who live close to nature may soon realize the benefits of nature to themselves and take advantage of that to quickly recover their mind and health. On the contrary, some people need guidance to be able to enjoy the benefits of nature. 

Health benefits from living in harmony with nature

When exercising or participating in outdoor activities, you can get many great benefits from nature. A study also shows that even sitting still in nature, typically the "Forest Bathing" from Japan can significantly improve your health. Besides, the way of living in harmony with nature also helps the mind relax and rest after a day of intense concentration at work or while driving. The short break time in nature will help you focus better.


Today, we spend most of our time indoors, looking at a computer screen or a phone. Ancient people lived in harmony with nature more. Humans are evolving in nature, but they cannot be completely separated from nature. Therefore, you should spend at least 2 hours/week to live in harmony with nature and improve your health.

By: Emily Garcia

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