Science has proven: Happiness can be bought with money

All fairy tales and life lessons teach us "money does not buy happiness", but a new Harvard study confirms that happiness can be bought with money.

Recently, a study by the University of British Columbia and Harvard University has officially confirmed: Money will buy happiness, as long as it is used to buy time for you.


You can disagree and disagree, but that does not mean it's true for everyone. Because happiness is a vague definition and everyone feels happy in a different way. Therefore, there will be no common denominator for the concept of happiness.

Because of the different definitions of happiness, we also have many ways to reach the destination called “happiness” and in which there is money.

Science has proven that money can buy happiness.

Back to the research, experts say that using money to hire people to cook, clean up... or otherwise, "buying free time" can help your life become more comfortable and get a higher satisfaction.

To get this result, experts conducted research on more than 6,000 people in the US, Denmark, Canada and the Netherlands. Participants would respond to a survey, indicating the amount of money they spend each month to "buy time" for themselves. Then, they were asked to rate the level of satisfaction in life, and the level of exposure to pressure associated with time management. The detailed result was that people who tended to spend on time-saving activities typically had a satisfaction rate of over 23 % on life. Even if income was reduced, the results were still true. But even so, up to 15% of people feel satisfied when they just spent a little money for more free time.

The researchers have found that spending money to reduce the amount of homework will make people happier, as it makes the feeling of insufficient time to work away. Therefore, the mood as well as the level of satisfaction in life will be improved.


However, there is a problem that is causing the headache of the scientists that the number of people paying for the problem is actually significantly lower than what they are willing to spend on luxury goods. In other words, we are reluctant to spend money to buy time.

To explain in better way, Ashley Whillans, head of research, devised a theory of what is called a "busy symbol." It means that people always want to be seen as a busy person who is able to solve problems instead of asking for help to get more comfortable.


Meanwhile, the research results show we should overcome this fear and start spending more money buying time. In this way, you will reduce the stress of work and time and become happier.


By: Gitta Russell

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