10 of the most impressive spiral towers in the world

The trend of building spiral-shaped skyscrapers is becoming popular, below is a list of the 10 most beautiful spiral buildings that every visitor wants to see.


1. Evolution Tower, Moscow, Russia: Evolution tower has a height of 246 m with 55 floors, the main function is office leasing. The tower is considered inspiring for some famous Russian works such as St. Basil in Moscow and Tatlin tower.


2. F&F Tower, Panama City, Florida, USA: F&F Tower is considered the symbol of Florida state, each tower floor has a 90-degree rotation angle compared to the lower floor. Inaugurated in 2011, the tower consists of 53 floors with a height of 236 m, outside the tower has a small space for outdoor balconies.


3. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China: Shanghai Tower is the second tallest tower in the world with a height of 632 m and 128 floors. This is the most famous spiral building in the world. At this point, you will be able to observe the horizon around the city from above to 360 degrees across the clouds.


4. Gakuen Spiral Tower, Nagoya, Japan: This spiral-shaped building has the main function of education and vocational training. With a height of 170 m and 38 floors, the building's strange structure is said to promote creativity in every student here.


5. Absolute World, Ontario, Canada: This twin spiral tower consists of two separate buildings, the 175-meter high D building with 56 floors, the 157-meter high E building with 50 floors. The locals here often call the Marilyn Monroe tower due to the tower architecture like a woman's curve.


6. Al Tijaria Tower, Kuwait City, Kuwait: From a distance, Al Tijaria tower in Kuwait City looks like a giant sail floats majestically in the middle of the city. The tower is 218 m high with 41 floors, consisting of vertical gardens with 6-story high, overlapping along with the height of the tower.


7. United Tower, Manama, Bahrain: Completed in 2016, this spiral tower includes 260 luxurious hotel rooms for sweeping views. The tower has 48 floors with a height of 189 m, in addition to hotel functions, the tower also allows to lease offices on the lower floors.


8. Turning Torso, Malmo, Sweden: Turning Torso is Sweden's most famous spiral building, consisting of 57 floors and with a height of 190 m. Completed in 2005, the tower won the 10-year impressive award of the city council in 2015.


9. Cayan Tower, Dubai, UAE: Cayan Tower consists of 73 floors with a height of 306 m. Its spiral architecture makes the tower stand out more prominently among a forest of skyscrapers in Dubai. Each floor of the tower is designed to rotate 1.2 degrees, making the whole tower rotate exactly 90 degrees.


10. Avaz Twist Tower, Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina: Avaz Twist tower is 172 m high with 39 floors, the main function of the tower is office leasing. Designed by German company Schuco, the tower was voted one of the 10 most beautiful buildings in the world.

By: Olivia Swift

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