15 strange bans in the US that always surprise tourists

The US is a multiracial and open country but Tourists will be surprised because there are normal things but prohibited here.

1. The United States of America

If asking kids (or even adults) their favorite toy, it may be Kinder Surprise Eggs. Surprisingly, in the United States, Kinder Surprise Eggs is banned because the sale of any type of candy containing toys or jewelry is prohibited by law.

2. Florida

In Florida, gambling in cafes is completely legal. However, people will not be able to have wifi when going to coffee because it is prohibited outside the store.

3. Georgia


The Georgia government has banned the sale of sex toys. These devices can only be purchased if people have a scientific or medical reason based on a doctor's prescription.

4. California

It seems high heels in Carmel, California are unpopular. Although the government does not have a law banning high heels, if people want to wear this type of shoes, they must also ask for permission, otherwise, they may get in trouble.

5. Connecticut


If a person wants to show your love for the lover and lives in Hartford, Connecticut, do it on any day except Sunday. This law comes from Connecticut's Green Law, which is harsh, pure laws created to regulate public morality.

6. California


California has always been concerned about fighting plastic pollution. Therefore, groceries and other facilities are not allowed to provide customers with plastic bags to protect the environment.

7. Arizona

In Goodyear, Arizona, people are prohibited from spitting on sidewalks, crosswalks, streets, highways, parks or other public places in the city. Those who violate the law will have to pay $ 2,500 in fines and spend up to 6 months in jail.

8. Maryland


Rockville, Maryland has laws that prohibit swearing when driving. Otherwise, people will face punishment.

9. Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, fortune tellers need a license to practice. People are free to read the palms and predict the future, but the government who wants to ensure this will be done by experts.

10. Tennessee


Sharing the Netflix password (an American movie streaming service) with friends seems like a good and clever idea. However, in Tennessee, people can be punished for doing this. Originally, this law was created to combat password sellers in bulk at the same time. However, people who share passwords with friends (not family) are also included in this rule.

11. Vermont

In Vermont, women are not free to wear dentures. To be able to do this, they need to ask their husband for permission in writing.

12. Florida


In Florida, owners may not be responsible if their dog bites someone else. There is a state liability law that requires a dog owner to make a display showing which dog is likely to bite a person in which areas, they will not be responsible if someone is bitten.

13. Louisiana

In Louisiana, if a person orders a shipment of goods to another person's home without prior permission, this may be considered harassment and this action is completely prohibited in this state.

14. Maine

People are banned from skateboarding or cycling on any sidewalks in the city. Those who violate the rules will have to pay a $ 10 fee.

15. New Jersey


People here are not allowed to pump their own gas. They must stay in the car and wait until the gas station operator pumps it. The authorities explain that this is done for safety reasons.

By: Emily Garcia

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