5 countries you can travel with less than 30 dollars a day

Travel isn't expensive if you choose right countries in the world that welcome you with a modest budget.

Many people think that travel is expensive. This is only true if you stay at 5 star hotels. In fact, there are many countries in the world that allow you to explore with a modest budget.

Cheap travel is definitely not for everyone and usually comes with a few sacrifices. But choosing the right place to go has decided 50% of the cost. And here are seven countries where you can travel for $ 30 a day, even less.



Dubbed the "Land of Smiles" thanks to its welcoming and friendly traditions, Thailand is the paradise of the first backpackers. The combination of beautiful tropical islands, bustling cities with delicious food and vibrant nightlife has made the country famous in recent decades. Although the number of tourists is increasing very rapidly, the cost of living in Thailand remains low and has always been one of the countries with the most favorable living costs for tourism in Southeast Asia. Hotel beds in Thailand are only $ 1.47 a night. In 2014, there were hotel rooms that cost just $ 7 a night. A meal at a popular restaurant would cost $ 1.77, and beers everywhere in the country were priced alike.

Tip for saving money: Take advantage of great street food in Thailand. Street food is famed for being one of the best places in the world and also one of the cheapest places for some $ 1 meals.



Bolivia is often considered less attractive than other well-known South American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Peru. This is a mistake because this diverse country owns some of the most impressive landscapes on the continent of South America, and it is important that it is much cheaper. Areas of the Andes, Amazon rainforest, Titicaca lake or Salar de Uyuni-the largest salt mine in the world are in Bolivia. Rooms are available for only $ 6 a night and a meal at a popular restaurant costs $ 3.50 with a local beer for $ 2.10.

Tip for saving money: Lunch at local markets, where there are always specialties at the lowest prices.



China is a country with many contrasts from ancient to modern history, from small towns with millions of inhabitants to arid deserts and "ice cities" in Harbin. With a large population and over 1.3 billion people, it's a pretty attractive country to explore. It is important that the price here is also very affordable for travelers from other countries with strong currencies. Accommodation in hotels is $ 2.93 a night. A meal at a cheap restaurant will cost $ 2.95 and a 0.5-liter jar of beer for less than $ 1. In a small Chinese town you can buy large bottles of beer at the grocery store and bring them to most restaurants without any additional service fees. Even employees will keep them in the fridge for you.

Tip for saving money: Spend less time in big cities, where the costs, especially for accommodation, will be much higher.



For many, the word Mexico refers to the image of palm-fringed beaches and coastal resorts. Although this is exactly part of Mexico, there are also many interesting things in this country, from rich history to exotic dishes (which have been recognized as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO). Mexico also has a surprisingly high number of unrecognized wildlife species such as black bears, songbirds, crocodiles and a host of marine species. Cheap motel rooms in Mexico cost only $ 0.50 a night. A meal at a popular restaurant costs about $ 5 while domestic beer costs $ 1.38.

Money saving tips: Avoid the famous and expensive coastal areas, instead that go to the pleasant towns like Guanajuato and Valladolid.



As one of the least visited countries in Europe, although in terms of size this is the second largest country, Ukraine can be a difficult place to travel because English is not spoken widely. It should also be noted that, recently, the situation in Ukraine is not stable and part of the country has restrictions on visitors due to political disputes with Russia. However, with a bit of exploratory efforts you will find Ukraine a mesmerizing country. In Ukraine, guest rooms are available for $ 3.09 per night. A meal at a popular restaurant costs $ 3.84.

Tip to save money: use the tram that runs all night long for long-distance travel at fairly cheap rates and you'll save one night's cost for hotel room.

By: Gitta Russell

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